“We’ll hack you to death, devour your flesh, and weld your skin into our armour. And if you’re very, very lucky, we’ll do it in that order. Prepare to be assimilated.”

WREAV-ARR is the field leader of the Junkions, a wild, rapacious gang of cannibals who rove the galaxy from their broken homeworld. They descend onto planets and ships, chopping mechanical beings into pieces and incorporating the parts of their victims into their bodies. Like his people, WREAV-ARR is a powerful and all-but-indestructible Junkbot, built of stolen mech parts, scrap metal, and junk. If he is hit by laser blasts and falls apart, he can reassemble himself and keep right on coming. He and his people swarm like locusts and consume everything about a planet, from its energy sources down to its very culture.

WREAV-ARR can transform from motorcycle mode and back continuously in battle, so that his "ruins" become his transformed mode and back again any time he takes a direct hit. In robot mode, he carries an armor axe and a decelerator laser that inhibits an enemy robot's flow of cerebral impulses, allowing him to stun opponents and then hack them to pieces while they’re still conscious but unable to fight back. In motorcycle mode can attain a speed of 160 mph for a distance of 100 miles. In either mode he’s a frightening force with which to be reckoned.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

The Junkions are a roving bunch of cannibals feared throughout the galaxy. When Wreck-Gar demonstrated the ability to convert other Transformers into Junkions, he and his lieutenants were imprisoned on Paradron, and the rest of his followers brain-wiped and dumped on the Planet of Junk. The Junkions eventually rose up and slew their captors, taking their ships to spread out and ravage the galaxy.

MUX History:

As the TP begins, the Junkions have set their sight on Earth, source of the latest batch of broadcast signals to catch their bored and hungry attention.

After capturing Ultra Magnus, Wreav-Arr was impressed by his cruelty and ferocity in battle, and so instead of eating him, Wreav-Arr let Magnus take a legion of his finest Junks to invade first Cybertron and then Earth. Maybe then Wreav-Arr will eat him.

OOC Notes

The Junkions were once allied with no one, but feared by all. Now they have fallen in with Ultra Magnus, and are therefore more dangerous than ever.



WREAV-ARR is a TP Character. He'll most likely be temped by Bzero, unless someone else requests him.

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