Machine information
Machine type

Anti-tank Missile vehicle


Ground assault; tank killer; direct fire support


Multi-missile delivery

Weapon feature(s)

Ground-to-ground missiles

Military information
Service branch

US Army

Designated pilot / driver(s)

Cover Girl

Organizational information

Sample Description

A member of the smaller tank family, this vehicle was built specifically for anti-armor functions. The dark green body, supported by a pair of heavy treads, sports only one main weapon: a pair of missile racks. The tank's body slopes very gently upward, with the turret mounted at the back of the vehicle. The missile racks each contain six guided explosives, the ports of which are modular and can easily be swapped out for a variety of ordnance. The G.I. Joe insignia is painted on the very front of the vehicle, and #869 is stenciled on either missile rack.


Based on the M50 'Ontos' Tank Destroyer, the Wolverine is one of the two iconic G.I. Joe tanks.


Comics continuity

The Wolverine was deployed in 1983 as part of their vehicle lineup for that year. It was driven by Cover Girl.

1983 blueprint from


  • Lynx

A heavily-modified version used by Slaughter's Marauders, featuring the primary cannon of the Mauler



Wolverine in Action

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