Weather Dominator

The Weather Dominator!

TP Name: Weather Dominator TP

Primary Characters: Blaster, Baroness, Destro, Interrogator, Major Bludd, Megatron, Metal-Head, Optimus Prime, Over Kill, Ravage, Scarlett, Silverbolt, Slugfest, Soundwave, Temera, Wisp

Primary Factions: Cobra, GI Joe

Primary Location: Earth

Year: 2009 - 2011

Destro builds a Weather Dominator, and Megatron steals the technology.


MUX History:

During the Geothermal Actuators TP, Destro devised a way to control the weather in order to save Earth. However, the technology was stolen, and Megatron now has access to it.

OOC Notes

The cartoon isn't canon, but that doesn't mean we can't steal plots from it and run our own version! Plot suggested by Silverbolt, and ran with by Destro.

Per Sydney, Megatron didn't get an actual WD - he got the schematics and plans for one. Ravage stole them from Destro many moons ago.

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