<the following was written on a cheap, leatherbound journal, purchased at Target> 

I'm at the ER - with DJ . He messed up his ankle. I'm not sure if it's a sprain or a hairline fracture. As someone whose had both, sometimes, it's better to take the hairline. 

I called Flint, DJ's father. He didn't answer. I called Lady Jaye, she didn't answer. I called Marissa. Of course, she didn't pick up. True, I'm guessing all of these people are doing Joe-stuff right now. But I know I got the stink eye when I took him in and they asked my relation, and I blanked, and said "his boss" - since...technically, the Autobots do pay him for his work around the repair bay, and Carly and I pay him to babysit Megan sometimes. Dad is currently holding down the repair bay, but I hope to be out of here in about an hour. 

So...what the hell do I do? The Joes put DJ here in Autobot City to keep him safe. They did it because Marissa was nearby. But now, she's getting busy. Leaving DJ alone. He's like 15. I don't want to step on anyone's toes, but what am I supposed to do? He's a kid. When dinner's ready, it's not like I'm going to say "Carly, Megan, and I are going to be eating in the common room, feel free to take whatever you can scrounge up and go in the TV room." A week ago, he said he wanted to go into acting. Again...I called his folks - nothing. And as someone who spent most of his life in either the Ark or Autobot City, I do understand now that it may not have been the best for me to totally insulate me from the human population. So...with that - I said I know Buster 's college had a few high school workshops. Maybe he can go there for a weekend and be around kids his age. 

But am I overstepping? For all I know, his mom and dad could be grooming him to be a top-class sniper, or the next Joe leader. But damnit, guys, help me out! Pick up your damn phone.

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