Scrapper appears in a message recorded in the command center of Decepticon Headquarters in Tarn. Although his countenance is hidden by a steel mask, his crimson optics express chagrin. "Lord Megatron," the polite Constructicon reports, "as much as I hate to compound upon a cyber-week of already bad news, I have something to report from the cycle before we lost the siege of Iacon."

Scrapper glances at the ground. "Earlier this deca-cycle the Autobots led three teams in a coordinated strike against our planetary engines in Altihex, Kalis, and Nova Cronum. All facilities were lost, along with the personnel guarding and operating them. Cybertron's orbit is not in danger -- we'd stabilized it and shut down the engines before the strike. However, if we wish to move Cybertron again we may have to essentially start from scratch."

"I've deployed my Constructicons to dig out those who survived the attack. As they're recovered we will repair who we can from this loss, as well as survivors from broken siege of Iacon. We will then fortify our own defenses in case the Autobots try to press what they perceive as their advantage. We will do what we can to recover from these losses as quickly as possible. Scrapper, out." With a glance Scrapper ends the transmission.

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