Megatron appears in a message recorded in the current Decepticon Headquarters in Tarn. He seems to have recovered from the last thrashing Optimus Prime delivered him, although the anger in his crimson optics suggests it's not yet forgotten.

"Starscream," Megatron begins without preamble. "I want a full accounting of all new energon sources that have sprung up across Cybertron. Secure the mines in [Praxus] -- either through diplomatic means with their idiot leader Sky High, or by force if necessary. Report to me at once."

"Shockwave," Megatron moves on. "Continue your siege of Iacon. Prevent the Autobots from accessing any of the new sources of energon on Cybertron. Send in the Insecticons to secretly repair and release Trypticon -- the Autobots will soon regret keeping it inside their home."

"Cyclonus," Megatron continues. "You will increase the effectiveness of the siege by destroying the Iacon Space Bridge. Also gather intel on those Autobots trapped outside Iacon so we may target them next. We will isolate the Autobots and destroy them!"

"Nemesis," Megatron concludes. "Analyze the effects on Cybertron from its entry into orbit around Citctus Minor. I want no surprises in terms of communications or electronics disruption or radiation damage. Produce plans on how we can weaponize the situation against the Autobots."

"Cybertron has been reborn, and we will seize upon the new opportunity to unify the planet under my rule. We will bring peace to our planet through power and strength. A new era for the Decepticons has arrived!" Megatron clenches his fist before the camera and then ends the transmission.

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