Hannibal appears in a message recorded in the Presidential Emergency Operations Center of the Cobra-controlled White House. Handsome and relatively young, he's dressed rather casually (and not very outlandishly) for a Cobra general, wearing a simple black T-shirt with a large red Cobra symbol on it. His long black hair is pulled back into a ponytail, and he sports several days' worth of rugged black stubble.

Hannibal reports to his commanders and troops, "Our control of US cities is complete. We've established BAT IIs on every major corner and intersection of all occupied municipalities, and communications blackouts and nightly curfews are being strictly maintained. We've rounded up and executed most of the trouble-makers -- by now the rest have accepted the new status quo and go about their lives under our guidelines and command."

Hannibal continues, "The next step, of course, is to extend our operations to more cities and rural areas. With BAT production now moved to the American mainland we can more quickly manufacture more android troopers, and our recruitment efforts in occupied areas have been surprisingly fruitful, although of course our vetting methods are necessarily extreme. Those who prove loyal, however, are being pressed immediately into service."

Hannibal concludes, "All personnel remain on high alert -- I guarantee the American military have not been napping, and a retaliatory strike is imminent. Until then, use the time to strengthen our defenses and be prepared for brutal house-to-house fighting if they attempt to dislodge us. Lay in traps. Be sure there are contingency sabotage plans for the unlikely event they succeed. We will prevail, or they will pay deeply. Cobra!"

Hannibal raises a salute and then ends the transmission.

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