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Transformers Universe MUX

Welcome to the Transformers Universe MUX!
This is a wiki about the Transformers Universe MUX that anyone can edit.

The Transformers Universe MUX is a multiplayer online text-based role-playing game with an 80s comics and cartoon theme. This wiki is for players new and old alike, and for people just interested in the world we created for our MUX.

We've added 3,881 articles since January of 2009!

Transformers Universe MUX is located at is port 1976 (IP port 1976).

Note: This is NOT a general Transformers wiki -- it is a wiki based around the online RPG Transformers Universe MUX. For the general Transformer wiki, please head to TFwiki

Get Connected!

To connect to the MUX, simply point your MUSHclient or SimpleMU* client to port 1976

For players new to the world of MU*ing, the following are guides to help people get started and connect.

What's new on Transformers Universe MUX

Please welcome Stitches back to the MUX!

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Elita One
New pages
Tripwire tests even Lifeline's patience.
The Joes recover from the Quintesson attack.
Cobra launches an all-out attack on the Pit.
Three concurrent events surround the doomed ship, the Spirit of Freedom. What is the Decepticon plan here? It starts with the attempted assassination of Ultra Magnus!
A way for banned players to request a second chance
‎ Ace gets his face back!
Cobra assault vehicle
Crimson Guard enhanced guards
Crimson Guard special ops
Decepticon spy
A large dry lake in northern Utah.
Cybertron's moons
A massive interplanetary corporation that steals secrets from alien cultures around the galaxy
Respected judge on Cybertron
Voodoo matron of the Unicron Cultists
Tyrest's police drones
Autobot base on the third of Cybertron's moons, home of a maximum security detention facility
Lifeline brings in a specialist to rebuild Ace's face.
A way for less combat-oriented characters to show their stuff.
A ruined part of Helex that none dare go.
Autobot reconnaissance agent
Decepticon berserker
Swiftpaw's player
Captured Autobot slave
Agreement between Autobots and Decepticons not to allow Cybertronian technology to fall into organics' hands
Decepticon Neat-freak

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"The Autobots won't be played for suckers."

SPIKE WITWICKY is a mechanical genius, as interested in why things work as how. A caring father in his late thirties, Spike prefers construction work over academic pursuits, enjoying the feeling of accomplishment that comes with building something with his own hands. He has an artist's heart, and he relates well with the Autobots, who have been his friends since he was fourteen years old. Spike has a great respect for Optimus Prime, and he shares the Autobots' intense hatred for the Decepticons because he understands their purpose and ideals more than he admires their powers and abilities.

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