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Transformers Universe MUX

Welcome to the Transformers Universe MUX!
This is a wiki about the Transformers Universe MUX that anyone can edit.

The Transformers Universe MUX is a multiplayer online text-based role-playing game with an 80s comics and cartoon theme. This wiki is for players new and old alike, and for people just interested in the world we created for our MUX.

We've added 3,469 articles since January of 2009!

Transformers Universe MUX is located at is port 1976 (IP port 1976).

Note: This is NOT a general Transformers wiki -- it is a wiki based around the online RPG Transformers Universe MUX. For the general Transformer wiki, please head to TFwiki

Get Connected!

To connect to the MUX, simply point your MUSHclient or SimpleMU* client to port 1976

For players new to the world of MU*ing, the following are guides to help people get started and connect.

What's new on Transformers Universe MUX

Hey, MUXers - Transformers Universe MUX has moved servers.

Our new address is 1976.

The old address redirects for now, but won't forever. ^_^ Update your MU*clients now!

New pages
Desert CLAWS
Cobra harsh-environment weapons specialists.
The year Lloyd James Hollingsworth III was born
The President of the United States during the Cuban Missile Crisis

Current TPs

  • What if TP - What if Prime was killed early in the war? What if Megatron was, instead? Five What If? worlds are explored in this Halloween 2013 TP.

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This wiki is open for anyone to edit! Want to help add things? Below you can find out ways to start adding things!

However, none of that formatting is needed if you don't feel like fiddling with wiki code. Feel free to just post a character background, log, or page, and let us do the rest!

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Featured article

Optimus Prime

If he had been born on Earth, he could be a doctor, a mechanic, a scientist, and a warrior. But on Cybertron there is no difference between these professions. So OPTIMUS PRIME uses his skills to heal and repair the world around him and, if necessary, to fight. Both in power and intelligence, he has no equal. He can be immensesly kind and his compassion extends to all that lives, including the creatures of Earth. Yet he will battle unceasingly to protect the weak and defend what he believes in. In robot mode he can split into three components. Optimus is the robotic sentient being that is the storehouse of his vast knowledge and strength. He can lift 4,000,000 lbs and a blow from his fist exerts a force of 12,000 pounds per square inch. He carries an energy rifle that can burn a hold in the nosecone of a Decepticon jet fighter at a distance of 30 miles. His second component is Roller, a small cart-shaped device that he uses to unobtrusively slip behind enemy lines. He can maintain radio control over it at distances up to 1200 miles; having Roller there is like being there himself. He can operate by remote control his Combat Deck module up to a distance of 1500 feet away. The auto-launcher can use a variety of artillery and radiation beam weapons. In Freightliner FL-86 Cabover semi trailer mode, he has a top speed of 150 mph and can make use of his trailer auto-launcher.

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