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Transformers Universe MUX

Welcome to the Transformers Universe MUX!
This is a wiki about the Transformers Universe MUX that anyone can edit.

The Transformers Universe MUX is a multiplayer online text-based role-playing game with an 80s comics and cartoon theme. This wiki is for players new and old alike, and for people just interested in the world we created for our MUX.

We've added 5,000 articles since January of 2009!

Transformers Universe MUX is located at is port 1976 (IP port 1976).

Note: This is NOT a general Transformers wiki -- it is a wiki based around the online RPG Transformers Universe MUX. For the general Transformer wiki, please head to TFwiki

Get Connected!

To connect to the MUX, simply point your MUSHclient or SimpleMU* client to port 1976

For players new to the world of MU*ing, the following are guides to help people get started and connect.

What's new on Transformers Universe MUX

Please welcome Lockon to the MUX!

Current TPs

  • America Burning TP‎‎ - Cobra has taken control of 15 US cities, and angling for the rest of the country. Can Cobra stop them?
  • End of Days TP - The quest to save Cybertron has failed, and now the planet shudders through its last breaths. Can the citizens of Cybertron escape in time, or will they be doomed with their world?
  • G.I. Joe World TP - An alternate universe where G.I. Joe is a worldwide force for security and control.


New Posts


New Logs

It turns out times are changing. Prowl calls for people to help do something the rebels haven't done before.
Katie and Mel head out to eat with Katie's daughters.
Katie and Mel stop by Subway.
Sergeant Shockwave questions Wisp about Doc's attack on General Hawk.
Circuit Breaker and Luminous face off.
A flight of Anaconda transport helicopters makes its way from Sierra Leone to the next stop on Cobra's Africa Tour: Liberia.
Mixmaster literally stumbles into a situation in the Decepticon medlab.
Mohammed took the news rather well, considering.
Sheikh Saud moves to cut off his son's funding.
Scrapper visits Windshear in his cell.
Hubcap attempts an escape.
Mixmaster attempts to recruit Starscream into the Dweller's legions.
Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus launches an attack on the Temple of Knowledge.
Mixmaster recovers from his ordeal.
Jetfire comes up with a plan.
Trucial Abysmia hosts its presidential debates.
Cyclonus and Scourge battle for Polyhex.
Cyclonus and Starscream battle for leadership of Cybertron.
Jumal and Sheikh Saud meet in England to talk.
Kimber and the Starlight Girls are holed up in the Starlight Mansion, terrified of being set upon by the gangs still roaming the streets of Los Angeles, when an unexpected visitor arrives...
A transport mission to Earth goes horribly wrong.
While Spike attempts to help Quickswitch, Benin-Jeri and Dust Devil discuss going back to Cybertron.
Floodlight meets an unusual Decepticon at the Jump Joint.
Starscream uses Valour as bait to try to lure the dream entity known as Nemro into a trap.
Joe Colton shows off the new version of Pit III.
Sparkplug and Spike stop and appreciate the new quiet of Autobot City.
Jumal comes to Autobot City to inquire to the fate of Dr. Arkeville.

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However, none of that formatting is needed if you don't feel like fiddling with wiki code. Feel free to just post a character background, log, or page, and let us do the rest!

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Featured article

Major Bludd

When you're feeling low and woozy/
Slap a fresh clip in your Uzi!/
Assume the proper firing stance/
And make the suckers jump up and dance!

MAJOR BLUDD received initial military training in the Australian Special Air Service Regiment. He later joined the French Foreign Legion. He's worked as a military adviser in a number of countries and is wanted for crimes in Libya and Zimbabwe. He is proficient with every form of infantry weapon in current use. Bludd has a tactical mind like a steel trap. He is a qualified expert in all NATO and Warsaw Pact small arms. He also writes poetry... very badly:

"A mercenary's job is a heartless one/
I'm a soldier for hire, like a pawn-shop gun/
My ruthless tactics keep you on your toes/
'Cause I fight 'em all, whether friends or foes!"

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