Personal information
Real Name

Charles X. (for nothing) Goren


Boise, Idaho



Military information
Service branch

US Army

Primary MOS


Organizational information

GI Joe


GI Joe Drivers

I'll build that bridge when I get to it.

TOLLBOOTH’s love for building started when he was six. His parents gave him a construction set for Christmas and he wore it out before he was seven. Every year his sets got bigger and more complex until he outgrew them all. At that point he started building in earnest, eventually getting his Master’s in engineering from MIT. After that he needed a bigger challenge, so he joined the Army expressly to sign up for the G.I. Joe team.

If the Joes are on their way to an objective and come to an obstacle they can’t cross – river, crevasse, mountain, whatever – Tollbooth will get them across. He may build a bridge out of whatever’s there. Be might blast a pass through solid rock, or lay down a four-lane blacktop… no matter the situation, Tollbooth’s engineering skill is akin to magic.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Charles "Chuck" X. (for nothing) Goren grew up in Boise, Idaho, and at age six his parents gave him a construction set for Christmas. He wore that out before he was seven and came to love building. Every year his sets got bigger and more complicated until he outgrew them all. He started building for real and eventually received his Master degree in engineering from MIT.

When he decided he wanted a bigger challenge, Goren joined the Army and became a combat engineer, hoping to be part of the G.I. Joe team. He eventually did just that, signing on to drive the Joes' Bridge-Layer and accepting the codename "Tollbooth."

Tollbooth joined the Joes some time before the team's invasion of the Cobra-controlled town of Springfield. He was one of the few Joes who stayed behind to guard Joe headquarters during that invasion and keep watch over an imprisoned Zartan.

Some time later, after the Pit was destroyed, Tollbooth put his engineering skills to good use as he helped build the new Pit III in the Utah desert. His many other missions for the team included the Cobra Island civil war, where he was part of a convoy of reinforcements.

MUX History:

Tollbooth is an active member of G.I. Joe. Since 2013 he's been XO of the Pit's Motorpool.

OOC Notes

On the MUX, Tollbooth has been promoted to Warrant Officer. He is usually the Bridge Layer Driver.



Currently available for application. In the meantime @emitted by Bzero.



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