TP Name: Timewarp TP

Dust Devil

Dust Devil

Primary Characters: Dust Devil/Stormfront, Hot Rod, Hubcap/Hubcapimus Prime, Metal-Head, Mirage, Mortar, Snake-Eyes, Slugbug, Typhoid, Typhoon, Wheeljack, Wild Bill

Primary Factions: Autobots, Decepticons, G.I. Joe, Cobra

Primary Location: Earth

Year: 2009(?)

When Mirage destroys a Space Bridge just as it's connecting to the wormhole that powers it, he accidently creates a rip in spacetime.

Notable Changes During the TP

  • Dust Devil - Autobot Leader Stormfront
  • Hubcap - Autobot Leader
  • Metal-Head - older and even more shot up
  • Mortar - Older grizzled version
  • Snake-Eyes - reverted back to chatterbot kid
  • Slugbug - During the Timewarp TP Slugbug was swapped with an alternate future self where he wound up in possession of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, proving in an infinite set of universes, just about anything is possible.
  • Typhoid - reverted back to small Korean child
  • Typhoon - swapped with older, less cocky self
  • Wild Bill - reverted back to gun-totin' kid


  • Katie Sorenson was permanently de-aged to her early-20s, while her two daughters were advanced to teen years, from where they continue to age normally.
  • Buster, Sparkplug, and Spike seem to have permanently de-aged slightly, while Daniel was dramatically de-aged to around age 7 or 8. They have aged more slowly since then.
  • Marissa Faireborn was aged slightly during the TP, but as she's gotten older the difference is less and less noticeable.

OOC Notes

Aside from the de-aging TP in 1997, this TP is another excuse to play your human characters older or younger than they should be in 2017.

Amusingly, of several characters that wound up with the Matrix, Hot Rod wasn't one of them.

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