The Scrapyard

Once consisting of the tombs and burial chambers of Cybertron's greatest heroes and champions, it has now become a place of destruction, evil, and death. As the war of the Deadites raged on, those that were killed in the conflict were taken here to rust. After awhile, those responsible for carting off the dead didn't even bother burying them anymore. If it's one thing the survivors learned however, is that a dead deadite doesn't always stay dead. If the evil presence were strong enough in the body, it would rise to continue the fight. To keep this from happening, a huge wall was built around the scrap pile, and turrets powered by solar panels were placed to shoot at anything trying to get out. Once this was completed, the bodies of the fallen were thrown into the scrap pile, hopefully never to be seen or heard from again. The scrap pile was eventually to be the slowly weakening alliance's death, as eventually the great evil found a way to blotch the skys with thick smoke, thus bringing eternal nightfall upon the planet. Without the turrets keeping them in, the dead were once again filled with a lust for life...or rather ending it, and they poured from the scrap pile. It was a final onslaught that the alliance could not fight, and the Great Evil secured its victory over the now charred and ruined landscape of Cybertron. This place is dormant now, all forms of life now having either fled off planet or sucked dry. There is a path however through the remains of Cybertronians and ancient grave markers that leads to what seems to look like an alter of sorts.



A location from the 2005 Deadite TP

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