This page is for the band. For the MUX ability, see Hologram (ability).
The Holograms

The Holograms are a glam/pop band that peaked in the 80s but are still around today. Their original lead singer was Jem, but after she left the group Kimber Benson took over lead vocals until Jem was replaced by Starr.


MUX History:

Jem returned from obscurity for a special Holograms-reunion USO show for US troops. Unfortunately, Cobra attacked during the show, capturing Jem and the Holograms and holding them for ransom until Rio turned over some of the Holograms' advanced holographic technology. However, without Synergy to run them, Cobra's holograms will never be as lifelike and convincing as Jem's.

In 2016, The Holograms recruited a new lead singer: The former Starlight Girl, Starr.


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