The Terrorcons are a heroic Decepticon subgroup from the "Shattered Glass" universe.

The Terrorcons (given their name by Rippersnapper in a bit of "avant-garde contrarianism") are the pinnacle of Megatron's Operation: Combination teams. Erudite, witty, cultured, sophisticated, and refined, the Terrorcons embody Cybertronian culture at its finest, and are charged with protecting it. It is with great reluctance that this group of scholars and artists takes up arms at all, but the madness of Optimus Prime and his crazed Autobots threatening Cybertron's art and architecture finally drove them to the breaking point.

The Terrorcons consist of:

They combine to form Abominus.


Shattered Glass

When Scoop and Crosshairs were ordered by Ricochet to check out a noise near their hideout, Scoop was afraid that if they split up, a monster might grab them. Crosshairs told Scoop that he'd been running too many horror sims, as there was no such thing as monsters. Scoop then mentioned the Terrorcons and the Dinobots, to which Crosshairs responded that, all right, there were monsters, but they weren't in the area at the moment.


The Terrorcons are currently engaged in trying to repulse the Junkion invasion of Cybertron.


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