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Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

Takedown was created in Tarn before the second Cybertronian war. She grew up as a street waif, taking on a role of a dancer at some of the local clubs when she was old enough. Joined the Decepticons after selling them some information, and became a counter-intelligence agent, who ended up doing her job too well. Assigned to deep space duty for suspicion of selling Autobots some of her information, she linked up with the other femmes on the station to become the strong arm of the Dominicons. Armed with numerous non-lethal weapons in both modes, ranging from blinding stuns to a really large blackjack. Her riot control tank mode is armed with smoke grenades and sonic weapons. In all the time she has served with security, she has become quite good at catching a swindler at his own game. With the other Dominicons, she merges to form Dominicus, as the right leg.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:


Member of a rather easygoing (for Decepticons) outpost of misfits into a well-trained and deadly team by Illarion.

MUX History:

Former member of the Decepticons' Assault Infantry division. In 2014 all the Dominicons began the process of being upgraded to a combiner team. In 2015, she witnessed a battle between Knightmare and Megatron. When Starscream intervened, the Domincons merged for the first time to form Dominicus. Megatron, however, showed his even greater power as he dispatched the combiner with one shot of his anti-matter cannon. After that, the Dominicons left the Decepticons and took off on their own.

In 2018, Takedown encountered Blitzkrieg and Encore In the Neutral Territories. The Autobot and the Dominicon teamed up against the Decepticon to protect a caravan of enershine 'entrepreneurs', and Takedown walked away with a grudging respect for Encore.

OOC Notes

Member of the Dominicons, an OFC would-be gestalt on TFU. She transforms into a riot-control tank.




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