Syfy is the evil Shattered Glass universe version of Sci-Fi.
He who hesitates is dead.

SYFY is a super-spy – cooler than cool, he is able to make fast decisions at a moment’s notice and never look back. With his array of fast cars and advanced laser gadgets, he uses his license to kill to eliminate anyone seen as a danger to President Colton’s administration, and if he has to sleep with several gorgeous women in order to complete his mission, well, he’s willing to do whatever he can for the good of his country.

Not only is SYFY devilishly handsome and an ace shot with his custom firearm, but he is also a wiz at technology and possesses some of the most advanced miniaturized laser weaponry in the world. These are often disguised as cufflinks or wristwatches, but SYFY has been known to break out a full pack-charged laser rifle when things get hairy. Naturally, he looks just as dashing and stylish no matter what he’s using to kill bad guys and government-named terrorists.

SYFY has no weaknesses, besides the envy he engenders in lesser men.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Syfy joined the Joes in 1986. He has been killing targets for G.I. Joe for decades.

MUX History:

Syfy is an assassin and trouble-shooter (literally) for President Colton.

OOC Notes

Syfy is a Major in the US Army, and reports directly to General Flint and President Colton. Well, it's General Courage and Colton now.



Syfy is a TP Character played by Sci-Fi's player.


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