This page is for the solo bounty hunter. For the evil Sweep, see Sweep Sunder. For the friendly Shattered Glass Sweep see Sunder (SG). For Sunder's player, see Dean.
  • Name: Sunder
  • Faction: Unaffiliated
  • Species: Transformer
  • Function: BOUNTY HUNTER
  • Division: Loner
  • Sub-Group: Bounty hunters
  • Type: OC

"Screams are the expressions of the soul."

SUNDER is a self-styled demon, with a taste for macabre arts and literature. Given the opportunity, he tends to play himself as a defender of the weak. He will always stand up for someone weaker than their assailant, when it suits his purposes. He is capable of generating strong magnetic shields in robot mode, as well as reflecting energy blasts. He can unleash jets of Hellfire, whose direction he can control with his magnetic circuitry. He can also concentrate this into an intense, focused blast. He transforms into a two-headed hydra that breaths fire and lightning. The hydra's tail converts to chain whip in robot mode, and the hydra form can convert to a jet with FTL capabilities. In both robot and jet modes, he carries a magnetic shock cannon which can fry circuitry with a magnetic blast or stun a target with an EMP. The shock cannon can also convert into a powerful autocannon, which he calls the Vindicator Cannon. Sunder suffers from a slight multiple personality disorder, which is most evident in his hydra mode, where he presents each head as a different personality: Elegyn and Darzurb.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

MUX History:

OOC Notes

Not to be confused with Sunder, the Sweep, which was played by Shebakoby @ TF2005 MUSH



Sunder was created and played by Dean.


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