Founded by Isaac Sumdac, Sumdac Systems is the Earth's foremost producer of automatons. Headquartered in Detroit's Sumdac Tower, Sumdac Systems produces a fantastically wide range of automatons, with functions ranging from law enforcement to janitorial work to entertainment. Thanks to a series of mergers, Sumdac Systems owns a number of facilities across Detroit, including an abandoned car factory.

Sumdac Systems

Sumdac Systems logo

Known employees


MUX History:

In 2003 Carly Witwicky was hired by Idea Enterprises to create cutting edge technologies, and through them she partnered with Sumdac Systems from 2007 through 2009.


Sumdac Systems is a reference to the Transformers Animated cartoon, but unless someone wants to make a TP about it, it's just a continuity nod.

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