Night Attack Stinger 4WD
Machine information
Machine type




Weapon feature(s)

Surface-to-Air Missiles

Military information
Service branch

Cobra Ground Forces

Designated pilot / driver(s)

Stinger Drivers; Any Qualified

Organizational information


The Stinger is a Cobra vehicle.

The Cobra Night Attack Stinger was first used by Cobra in 1983, and has been used in one form or another as either a Surface-to-Air Missile attack vehicle, or Surface-to-Surface Missile attack vehicle ever since. They are often used as command vehicles on the battlefield.


The Dreadnoks 'borrowed' one in 1986 for their Dreadnok Ground Assault.

Vypra modified and souped-up a Stinger for her own use in 1998, renaming it the Rattler 4-WD.

The Stinger was returned to service in 2009, for both day and night operations.

In Joe World, Hurricane and Typhoon were rebuilt into Stingers.



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