Steeler hails from a family with white-collar upper-class background. His parents paid his way through college, and used their influence to pull some strings to get him a cushy commission in the US Army. Once there, he specialized in operating many armored fighting vehicles including many NATO and Warsaw Pact AFVs. Though he is recognized as a tough and dedicated soldier and an officer, he does have a tendency kiss the ass of his superiors. Steeler is one of the weaker G.I. Joe members, letting his tanks do the killing while he remains safely inside, or better yet, behind the lines sending others to their doom.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Steeler was part of Hawk's heavy support team providing heavy armor and firepower to "rescue" Dr. Adele Burkhart from Cobra. He was able to destroy many of Cobra's tanks before they were able to disable his MOBAT.

Steeler was in command of the MOBAT for the Armed Forces Day parade when his tank became a target for Cobra to pry its secrets. Although they didn't have any ammo, his quick thinking enabled them to bluff Cobra with an amplifier and Breaker's bubblegum blow up. A mission in Afghanistan has Steeler driving the RTV to haul out a downed spy plane. After Cobra stole the RTV from the team, Steeler seconded Ebony's opposition to Stalker's decision for an alliance with the Oktober Guard.

After the Afghan mission, Steeler served with his trusty MOBAT as among the first line of defense against a Cobra invasion of Cape Canaveral. On a investigative mission in Alaska, he managed to destroy all but two tanks in a HISS column before his MOBAT is rendered inoperative and being injured in the process.

MUX History:

Steeler was assigned to guard the Southwest Portal. After it closed in 2013, he remained in the area in case it reopened.

OOC Notes



  • March 26 - "Southwestern Rift" - Steeler reports on the closing of the Southwest Rift


A TP character currently available for temping. In the meantime he is being temped by Bzero.

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