Sorgen is a Nebulan.

Peer Sorgen was a member of the Council of Peers. He favored aggressive solutions to problems. He was impressively brave in the face of angry constituents.


Marvel Comics continuity

When Autobots first arrived on Nebulos, the majority of the planet's inhabitants welcomed the new arrivals with open arms. The worldwide Nebulon government hoped the Autobot presence would usher in a new era of technical advances and cultural advances. Though the Autobots enjoyed widespread support, it wasn't universal. The Council of Peers, a small, but vocal bloc in the Nebulon government, secretly met to decide how to deal with the threatening visitors. Lord Zarak argued for an immediate military strike to completely destroy the Autobots. Several peers agreed with him, including Peer Sorgen. Ring of Hate!

When Sorgen was accidentally killed by an Autobot in a driving accident, Zarak immediately seized upon the opportunity, claiming it was an Autobot retaliation against Sorgen's anti-immigrant policy and proof that the Autobots are a dangerous threat. Bumblebee and Jetfire repeatedly met with Nebulon officials to try to prevent future accidents, and even offered to award Sorgen the posthumous title of honorary Autobot. The award was rejected immediately by Sorgen's wife. 

Worldwide sentiment toward the Autobots has soured slightly since their arrival. Galen remains one of the Autobots' biggest defenders, but Zarak has used Sorgen's death to attack Galen's position repeatedly. Though Galen remains popular, the view of him constantly being on the defensive has resulted in a drop in his popularity as more and more see him as being weak and ineffective against opposition (mainly Zarak). 

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