Snow Serpents
Snow Serpents
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Military information
Service branch

Cobra Ground Forces

Primary MOS

Arctic Operations

Secondary MOS






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"We don't mind jumping from planes in bad weather and skiing across mine feilds while under fire. We'd rather do that than march around a parade ground and stand in formaton."

Snow Serpents are Cobra's cold weather environment specialists. They have a reputation for being formidable fighters in sub-zero temperature conditions. However, all that meanness didn't come out of nowhere. They are a branch from the ranks of the Eels. As such, they have undergone the same extreme aquatic training and, in addition to that, they are trained to be well-versed or familiar in every possible type of infantry operation in an extreme environment such as the Arctic. From marching 50 miles with full gear to anti-tank tactics to airborne operations, they have to be able to do it all.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Polar assault troops. Snow Serpents are actually a branch of the Eels (Cobra's frogmen and underwater demolitions experts) specially trained for arctic operations. They also undergo anti-tank and airborne training

MUX History:

Snow Serpents are part of Cobra's ground forces. They were deployed in 2011 for an Antarctic assault on a Decepticon installation at the South Pole.

Notable Snow Serpents

OOC Notes

Snow Serpents are available on the MUX as Disposable Characters, with a much simpler application. They can also be apped directly as full character (format: Snow Serpent 1234), or upgraded from DCs to OCs.



Snow Serpents are available for application as DCs or OCs.



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