• Name: Slizardo
  • Faction: Neutral
  • Species: Alien
  • Function: BOUNTY HUNTER
  • Division:
  • Sub-Group:
  • Type: FC

"Razzha razzhah razzha. Rhazzha razzhah razzha ruzzhah."

Slizardo is an alien who worked for Lord Gyconi on the casino asteroid of Monacus. He excelled at being submissive and was often mistreated by Gyconi. Later Slizardo became the trusted partner of Devcon, the bounty hunter. As the smaller of the two, Slizardo was in charge of seeking out bounties, and helping with the financial aspects of Devcon's violent profession. Slizardo has spent enough time in the seedier sides of the galaxy, including Monacus, to have an extensive understanding of the criminal element, and he can usually ferret out who to talk to and whose palms need greasing no matter the locale. When sneaky underhandedness doesn't work, Slizardo isn't slow to use his laser pistol, although with his one eye limiting his depth perception, he usually leaves the heavy stuff to larger allies. Although known to be one of the scummier players in the Milky Way, Slizardo is still intensely loyal to Devcon, whom he feels he owes his life and freedom. To repay this debt, Slizardo would gladly give his life for his larger, more powerful friend, if needed. In the meantime, however, Slizardo seeks his own destiny, and has since fallen in with Skuxxoid mercenaries.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Devcon is a bounty hunter feared by Decepticons across the galaxy. Once while attempting to collect a bounty on Dirge, Astrotrain and Ramjet. Meeting up with Smokescreen, he discovered Smokescreen's allies, including Optimus Prime, had been captured by Lord Gyconi, a local shady businessman. Realizing the Decepticons and Gyconi were in league, the two teamed up against their common foe. The two tracked down and engaged the villains in a firefight. Outnumbered and outgunned, they were saved when Gyconi's assistant Slizardo betrayed him, allowing them to capture Gyconi and rescue the other Autobots from Gyconi's pit fights. Devcon then teamed up with Sleezardo, offering him a partnership to apprehend the Decepticons.

MUX History:

By 2006, it became apparent that Slizardo and Devcon had gone their separate ways, and that Slizardo has fallen in with an alien Skuxxoid mercenaries.

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Slizardo is available for application.

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