Personal information
Real Name



Cobra Island





Military information
Service branch

Cobra-La Command

Primary MOS

Ultimate Warrior

Secondary MOS



10 - Co-Leader of Cobra-La



Organizational information




"I may have wings, but I assure you - I'm no angel."

Generation 2 of the Serpentor experiment resulted in Serpentra, a female version of the old construct but with some adjustments. Serpentra was created using the genetic materials of history's greatest women warriors and tacticians. She inherited St. Joan d'Arc's Devotion, Courage and prowess in battle, Catherine The Great's Fortitude and leadership, Queen Elizabeth the First's Pride and Majesty, the strong will, the passion, devotion, and charisma of Cleopatra, the cleverness and deviousness of Hatshepsut and the grace and beauty of Nefertiti, whose name means "the beautiful woman has come". Those traits combined resulted in a majestic, deceptive woman who was initially loyal to Cobra Commander. Although she had little-to-no true understanding nor appreciation for modern technology, even to the point of declining the use of it whenever possible, she is still deadly and dangerous with her mastery of the Naginata and use of her own body as a weapon. Her battlesuit is outfitted with retractable wings that allow her to glide, giving the illusion of a winged angel descending from the heavens; a breathtaking sight thta might be the last thing her victims might ever see. Eventually tiring of being a tool for Cobra, Serpentra took off with a group of other genetic constructs, forming the hidden city of Cobra-La.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Serpentra's predecessor Serpentor was an attempt at a perfect-warrior that succeeded a little too well -- he took over Cobra, and had to be put down by Zartan.

MUX History:

Serpentra was a second attempt to capitalize on the partial success of Serpentor, but with more levels of control in place. She was made from the DNA of powerful warriors from the past and present, and programmed to be absolutely loyal to Dr. Mindbender, Cobra, and Cobra Commander -- in that order. However, the excessive levels of control programming proved too much to bear, and the super-warrior ran off to form her own community, free of influence from Cobra and the rest of the world.

OOC Notes

Serpentra continues to live in a hidden commune deep in the Kunlun Mountains, where the pressures of serving multiple masters are a thing of her past. Whether she will remain hidden and at peace remains to be seen...



As a TP Character, Serpentra was played by members of the TPStaff.


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