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Scales is intellectual curiosity given the energy of a kid and let loose. Young and impetuous, she pokes her nose into anything that she sees. Her curiosity serves her well in her job as a medic. It has driven her to learn much more about the structure and repair of robots than what she knew as part of her original programming. Unfortunately, it also causes her to drive people nuts with her incessant questions. Her unusual structure was a matter of whimsy on her creator's behalf, being based off of the mythical dragon, but suits her well. While small and young, she does have some bite when it's necessary, using claws and teeth and a flaming breath weapon, as well as a sting that stuns opponents. However, she prefers to avoid conflicts involving guns and other weaponry. When she needs to, she can also transform into a tape and hide or sulk or carry information. While some may wonder at a medic with claws, she can actually retract them for manipulating delicate items, like circuitry. Her wings and short fin on her back have small photon collection units embedded in them, to utilize the very dragon-like habit of sunbathing.



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Scales is an OC and is played by her creator.

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