Andes Mountains valley

Santa Morena valley

This long valley in the Andes Mountains, in the southern region of the Eastern Cordillera, was once host to a small farming community and the home of various drug cartels. Later, someone moved in and leveled a very large portion of rain-forest, sculpting the region for a new purpose. Endless spans of rain-forest were torn away, leaving a very rocky region in its place, with steep slopes and scorched undergrowth. Many portions of this region were flattened and leveled, providing an adequate region for a military base.

A thick wall had been constructed all around the main buildings, allowing sentries to walk between the stretches of razor wire, with the outer perimeters patrolled by agile HISS tanks. Formations of troops at one time marched through the streets and paths of the base, both paved and unpaved.

However, now all of the buildings in the center of town have been destroyed. In the very center of the ruins, still barely attached to a bent metal pole, is a torn black flag with a red Cobra insignia. On the northern end is a bombed out airstrip, no longer usable due to extensive damage, seemingly from several bombing runs. Along the eastern edge of the former base runs the Magdalena River, with the remains of a wooden dock that no longer facilitates seafaring vehicles.

Santa Morena is the remains of a ghost town. No human habitation can be seen, and already the jungle has begun to reclaim the region.

OOC Note

Santa Morena was once the home of Cobra's Colombia Base. It has since been destroyed and abandoned.

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