Sammy the Snake
Sammy the Snake
Personal information
Real Name

Sammy the Snake


Cobra Island


December 22, 1997


Sammy Snake

Military information
Service branch

Cobra Special Operations

Primary MOS

Cobra Youth Entertainer

Secondary MOS



0 - Entertainer



Organizational information



Extensive Enterprises

"It's a Cobra World after all."

SAMMY THE SNAKE is the beloved corporate icon of Cobra World, an Extensive Entertainment Enterprise. Portrayed variously by Crimson Guardsman and selected Tele-Vipers, SAMMY THE SNAKE is occasionally used for espionage and infiltration, hiding in plain sight. However, the icon's real strength lies in recruitment. SAMMY THE SNAKE is a hit with children of all ages, and since the SAMMY THE SNAKE program was started, the ranks of Cobra Youth have swelled dramatically. The suit is temperature-controlled and shielded from the elements, but mobility and visibility is low, limiting the combat potential of anyone wearing the costume. A few suits are rigged with a hidden venom-launcher for self-defense, but usually unless legally registered to carry a concealed weapon, most agents posing as SAMMY THE SNAKE are unarmed - it just wouldn't do to have one arrested for doing anything illegal. What would the children think?


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Sammy the Snake was made up for the MUX.

MUX History:

Sammy the Snake has been seen at malls across America, handing out leaflets for Cobra World and the New Cobra Youth.

OOC Notes

Sammy the Snake is usually portrayed by a Crimson Guardsman in a giant snake outfit, although sometimes lowly Vipers are pressed into service.



Sammy the Snake is currently played by IceSpark.

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