Personal information
Real Name

Harry Nod


Grim Cape, Tasmania





Military information
Service branch


Primary MOS


Secondary MOS

Civil Disturbance


4 - Dreadnok


Dreadnok Cycle, Anything with a blade

Organizational information




It ain't true that I hates everything. That's a load o' rubbish. I likes grape soda and chocolate-covered donuts, don't I?

DREADNOK RIPPER has led a life of delinquency since nursery school, where he stole candy from his schoolmates. From there, he just kept expanding the scope of his criminal activities, paying the price many times with stints in various correctional institutions. He is motivated by greed, a dislike for civilized behavior, and the pure delight of destroying something with cutting tools and edged weapons, of which he has gathered a substantial collection. He’s known for the blade he uses as a cross between a firefighter’s axe and a can opener to rip open gates and tear apart safes.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Born in Grim Cape, Tasmania, Henry Nod was a delinquent from the time he stole candy from his fellow nursery schoolers. He took up a life of crime and spent most of his life in and out of correctional institutions. Some sources say that he spent time in the Australian military, where he gained an affinity for motorcycles. Afterwards, he returned to a life of crime as a safe cracker. Under the name "Ripper", he fell in with biker gangs and eventually joined the Dreadnoks after being thrown out of several other gangs. His weapons of choice are various edged weapons and cutting tools, especially a huge bayonet-like blade he uses like a cross between a fireman's axe and a can opener. Like most other Dreadnoks he simply loves violence and simply tearing things apart. He has been overheard while ripping Air Force fighter jet to shreds, shouting, "There's nothing like it in the whole world! Destruction and wreckage!" One of the most simple-minded Dreadnoks, Ripper was also superstitious and very much afraid of Zartan. He was one of the three Dreadnoks -- with Buzzer and Torch -- who traveled to the United States with Zartan, who had begun working for Cobra. Ripper and the Dreadnoks came up against the Joes again and again, serving as Zartan's destructive henchman.

After working with Cobra for years, the Dreadnoks were reorganized into a national biker gang led by Zartan.

MUX History:

Ripper is secretly independently wealthy and a shrewd businessman. Unknown to most Dreadnoks, he owns a business selling hard grape soda.

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Ripper is available for Application



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