Rakesh Saab is a reporter from Al Jazeera.

Rakesh Saab

Rakesh Saab




Jan 24 - Two Countries Form Alliances With Decepticons

  • From Al-Jazeera reporter Rakesh Saab*

In response to the Decepticons' carrot-and-stick approach - Megatron's warnings + Banshee's recruitment video - at least two groups have pledged loyalty to the Decepticon Empire:

Trucial Abysmia

King Mohammed bin Saud al Qasimi - "Let's face it - Optimus Prime couldn't lead the Autobots to a birthday party, much less defeat the Decepticons. I personally welcome our new Decepticon overlords, and pledge Trucial Abysmia's vast oil reserves for the Decepticon efforts, in order to secure our place in the glorious Decepticon Empire! Prime will rue the day he snubbed our offer of friendship - we've instead found better, more powerful allies."

Carbombian Protection League

Mokhtar Belmokhtar - "The Decepticons have the power to topple the corrupt Western regimes that have spread death and destruction across our planet. Megatron's model of peace through tyranny will bring order to the planet and allow us to flourish at last. Once the CPL wins the Libyan Civil War, we will devote its resources to helping the Decepticons end Western exploitation and then take our place among the universe's greatest warriors."


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