Cobra Rage
Machine information
Machine type

Light Tank


Urban Assault

Weapon feature(s)

Gatling Gun, Mines, Missiles, Rockets, Cannons

Military information
Service branch

Cobra Army and Cobra Special Forces

Designated pilot / driver(s)

Any qualified

Organizational information
The Rage is a Cobra vehicle.

The Cobra Rage is an Urban Assault Vehicle.



1) Titanium reinforced rear turret

2) Laser computer-guided air-to-air full blast missiles

3) Full rotating multi-shot high-intensity machine cannon

4) Blast-proof aerodynamic programmable cannon turret

5) Remote swing-down burst-activated projectile launcher

6) Longrange dual-barrelled concussion cannon

7) Hydro-charged multi-port 25 valve thruster engine

8) Positionable battering ram defense system

9) Full-rotating front muzzle cannon

Speed: (fully loaded)

Range: (fully loaded)



Canon continuity



Artemis' Rage

The original 1990 Cobra Rage was red and tan, with an elevated cannon turret. Two Cobra soldiers could stand on one running board, with another to on the back of the tank.

The 1997 version of the Rage was blue and black. This version was piloted by an Alley-Viper.

Artemis' Rage

In 2014 Artemis commandeered a Rage, and had it customized for herself. She had it painted Black, with Silver trim, and had the Land Mine Deployment System removed, and had a Grenade Launcher installed.

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