By scientific definition, a planet is any object orbiting a sun with an empty path and sufficient gravity to not tear apart or deform. However, the definition of "planet" used in Transformers context is a bit different. ANYTHING with gravity can be a planet, and oddly, they all seem to be about the same.

Major known planets

Over the course of the many continuities of Transformers, a lot of planets have been encountered, most of them sustaining life. Here are some of the more well-known planets prominently mentioned. It should be noted in some continuities, they are vastly different in atmosphere and gravitational pull, while in others, they're invariably JUST LIKE EARTH.

  • Antilla - an ancient ringed planet which was the site of an early Autobot colonization effort.
  • Earth - Most likely, you're on it.
  • Cybertron - The homeworld of the Transformers. On the MUX, it is either much smaller than earth, about equal to the Moon in size, but much denser, resulting in only a small difference in gravity.
  • Junkion - AKA the intergalactic junk yard. Looks more like a single continent than a whole planet, as it is actually the broken crust of a destroyed planet combined with a fleet of Junkions ships. Technically it's not a planet, as it has not become a sphere from its own gravity, but it's considered one by its inhabitants so it's listed here.

Transforming planets

Some planets are known to be capable of transforming. The two most commonly known is Unicron. Whatever his origin, he is beyond legendary, with his stories heard throughout the universe, and not only by Transformers. The planet Junkion was SUPPOSED to transform, but the Junkions haven't quite worked out the kinks yet..

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