This page is for the heroic Autobot Overdrive. For his evil, obnoxious counterpart, see Overdrive (SG).

“The race is not important; the finish line is.”

Road-racing is OVERDRIVE's passion: he considers it Earth's primary cultural advantage over his native Cybertron. But the thrill of merely racing is not enough for Overdrive -- if necessary he’ll lift off from the ground and fly in order to win! Good sportsmanship isn't his strong suit. And that carries over to his battle tactics too. He has no interest in a fair fight with a Decepticon; he only wants to win. And he’ll do whatever he must to make sure he does.

Besides being able to travel up to 190 mph while in car mode, Overdrive can also sprout wings from his doors and fly. His flying range is 700 miles and he can reach speeds of up to 300 mph. He can convert a section of the front of his hood into twin high-powered machine guns that shoot 60 rounds per minute. In robot mode he also has use of his wings and machine guns, although he's considerably less adept at flying. He makes up for it by carrying around a personal arsenal of hand-held weaponry.

Although his ability to fly while in car mode can often be used to surprising advantage, Overdrive's overall maneuverability in the air is often inferior to other airborne opponents. As a trained strategist, Overdrive often acts as if he should be the leader of any group to which he’s assigned. Smarter and more experienced officers don’t often appreciate his attempts to take over.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Like the rest of the Omnibots, Overdrive was active on Cybertron during the Ark's four-million-year sleep, and only travelled to Earth after their reactivation.

MUX History:

Overdrive has not been ICly seen yet on the MUX.

OOC Notes

Overdrive transforms into a Ferrari Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer.


Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer mode



Attack mode


Overdrive has not been ICly seen yet on the MUX, but is available for application.


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