This article is about the evil Decepticon Nightshade - for the heroic Autobot, see Salvation Nightshade.
  • Name: Nightshade
  • Faction: Decepticon
  • Species: Transformer
  • Division: Intelligence
  • Sub-Group: N / A
  • Type: OC
Secret operations are essential in warfare.

Reborn from the ashes of her two previous existences, Nightshade has reclaimed her past memories. Twisted into an unholy abomination much like her creator, Nightshade has grown able to beguile not only by word, but also through her advanced holographic generators, allowing her to appear wherever she wishes without any warning. Fearful whispers hint that she can even heal herself by siphoning energon and parts from others. Still retaining her tetra-sweepcraft altmode, Nightshade has also gained a more bestial form as a vampire bat. With her skill in the ancient Cybertronian martial art of Crystalocution and her unique new abilities, Nightshade is a dangerous foe, and not to be underestimated. A growing arrogance in her skills, as well as a penchant for taking big risks, can be used against her.


Standing in at approximately twenty-five feet in height, the physical appearance of the femme standing before you is unlike any ever seen before. Her coloring is mostly a dull, yet glossy, black that seems to absorb the light upon it, rather than reflect it; dark gray and silver highlights accentuate the femme's frame, which at close inspection appears 'pebbled' in a manner designed to minimize detection. Elements of Terran, Cybertronian and Unicronian design philosophies have been amalgamated into a hybrid of the three technologies. The result is a sleek, stylish appearance that seems so far out on the cutting edge that it's bleeding.
Of course, that description might be apt, considering the demonic (some might call them bat-like) wings that flair out majestically from her back... similar in appearance to the wings of Harbinger, Scourge or any of his Sweeps, yet angled in a more curvilinear shape as if in accommodation of the fact that this indeed a femme -- not to mention honed to a razor-sharp edge. When she moves, it's with an almost feline grace, like a predator circling its' prey, while her wings flex and contract in a prehensile manner. On either wing, the Decepticon sigil is clearly emblazoned in a dark, royal purple.
Her physical build is one best described as athletic and toned, similar in most respects to a gymnast. Mounted atop her head are a pair of pulse-lasers, shaped like the ears of a bat. Her face is dark gray, with eerie, unholy green optics that gleam with the promise of malevolence. Her mouth, now visible, is typically curled in a small smirk: her incisors, however, are longer than the rest of her sharpened teeth, like fangs. On both of her forearms are a trio of small razor-sharp wing-blades, similar in many respects to the wrist-blades of a certain Dark Knight Detective, and her fingers are clawed like talons. Her voice is low and slightly clipped, yet when she speaks, it is with quiet authority (OOC: Voice Actress -- Jennifer Hale). This... is Nightshade.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Nightshade was originally a Decepticon femme infiltration specialist, active predominantly during the four million years that Cybertron had no contact with either Optimus Prime or Megatron. Discovered while tailing Elita One and her Autobot femmes, Nightshade was nearly killed by an ambush, and her chassis deposited at the nearest Decepticon checkpoint to be found.

Her laser core was placed into storage, where it remained for a little more than a million years before being discovered by the Decepticon scientist Harbinger. Harbinger placed the laser-core in a new body, the prototype of his tetra-sweepcraft design, and brought her back online.

However, Nightshade's memory banks had been damaged, and as a result, the revived femme had amnesia. Rather than tell her the truth and stress her out, Harbinger told Nightshade that her name was Banshee, and that she was his creation, to serve in Decepticon Intelligence.

MUX History:

As Banshee, Nightshade served with distinction, infiltrating Metroplex to free the former Intelligence XO, Ghost, as well as infiltrating the Ark at Mount St. Hilary in preparation for an attack that was meant to make it appear as if the Ark were finally destroyed by an eruption of the volcano. During the Ark mission, however, she encountered Moonracer, who recognized some of her moves and speech patterns -- and the memories slowly began to return.

Shortly thereafter, during an attack by the Deadites, Banshee went to investigate. She was captured, however, and was subjected to the Deadite infestation, which transfigured her. She regained her memories and reclaimed her original name of Nightshade... but was also altered into a vampiric Transformer, complete with a new mode as a mecha-vampire-bat.

OOC Notes

1) Banshee was what Harbinger renamed her after learning of her amnesia.

2) The "tetra-sweepcraft" was a hybrid blend of the Seeker tetrajet and Sweep sweepcraft altmodes.



Feb 20 - Brazil

<< The 'Con spinny appears, before being replaced by Nightshade's visage, her voice a vaguely clipped British accent >>

"Intelligence Operative Nightshade, reporting. Given the nature of recent events in South America, I followed orders to investigate, assuming the holographic form of a Terran aircraft -- American military designation F-117 Nighthawk. Here is what I found in Brazil upon my arrival at the scene."

<< The image of Nightshade is replaced by the live video footage of Weaver Delta and the Priests of Primus outside a citadel, talking for several moments before both the Priests and Weaver Delta move within. The video feed then shifts back to Nightshade's visage >>

"I believe we have found our prey, and she is all too close to our doorstep, should she decide to attack. I also find it disconcerting that the Autobots would send an envoy to her, particularly in light of the fact that Luminous has seriously damaged several Autobots previously. While it is not my place to make any plans, I would suggest a visit to Metroplex is in order, to ascertain if Optimus Prime and the Autobot contingent present on Earth are making a deal with Luminous... and if so, what kind of deal. If they find themselves with a new ally, then I believe we may have serious concerns looming on the horizon. Intelligence Operative Nightshade, out."

<< Nightshade's visage vanishes from the screen, replaced by the 'Con spinny >>


  • December 02 - "Recruitment" - Mixmaster attempts to recruit Starscream into the Dweller's legions.


Jan 24 - AAR: Tyger Pax

<< The 'Con spinny pops up briefly before Nightshade's visage appears >>

"Intelligence Operative Nightshade, reporting. Last cycle, I was in the vicinity of Tyger Pax when I spotted Galvatron and several cultist allies. Before I could radio in his location, however... this occurred."

<< Nightshade's visage is replaced by a video feed of Tyger Pax, with a silvery-green streak lancing down from on high to impact dead-center of the Autobot city-state despite retaliatory fire. The moment the streak impacts, everything goes silvery-green, and the city-state collapses in on itself, only to then reform and reformat itself into a new, foreboding city-state appearance that is as far from Tyger Pax's idyllic, tranquil state as can be. Then the footage cuts out to return to Nightshade's visage once more. >>

"The inhabitants of Tyger Pax are gone -- killed and then reforged as part of the 'new' Tyger Pax. Galvatron and the cultists were able to withdraw in all the chaos that ensued, and in fact destroyed the structure that was used as their observational vantage point, some kilometers distant from Tyger Pax. However, I did find a data card that seemed to survive the destruction of Galvatron's observation post. It was heavily encrypted, but I delivered it to Soundwave for analysis and data recovery. I imagine that soon, he'll be able to elaborate on it's contents. Intelligence Operative Nightshade, out."

<< Nightshade's visage disappears, replaced by the 'Con spinny once again >>


Nightshade was created and is played by harbinger.

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