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Real Name








Military information
Service branch

Cobra Air Forces

Primary MOS

Fixed Wing Pilot

Secondary MOS

Aircraft Design


4 - Pilot


Shadow Rattler

Organizational information




"Silence screams louder than words."

Like the literary creature of his namesake, NIGHTGAUNT prefers fast and quiet strikes. In battle, he is almost entirely mute, speaking up only when his life (or job) is on the line. He follows orders to the letter, and without question. He is not only renowned for his natural aptitude behind the stick of just about any aircraft, but for the deadly efficiency with which he flies them. While he seems to possess limitless patience, his temper is quite vicious when raised. In truth, Nightgaunt holds an amazing level of control over his own emotions. He can suppress anything from fear to joy, all in the name of duty. Some of his comrades have actually questioned whether he feels any emotions at all. Although Nightgaunt is trained in the use of several handguns and rifles, he has an affinity for bladed weapons and unarmed combat.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Formerly a Strato-Viper, Nightgaunt rose through the ranks to become a named operative, and helped develop his own stealth-capable Shadow Rattler.

MUX History:

In July of 2013, Nightgaunt was shot down during the invasion of LA by the Quintessons.

OOC Notes




Apr 05 - Over Kill

Text Report
Date: 070405
Time: 1030 EST
Subject: Over Kill

Under orders from Major Bludd, I tracked down Over Kill while still in the United States. He revealed his location to be Detroit. Major Bludd ordered his head and brain stem returned intact. I had no hard armaments hat would have left even that much, so I opted for EMP-Missiles. I was aggressively engaged by an Autobot. Flight recorder data will show that the Autobot opened fire without provocation. Damage was sustained by the Shadow Rattler, and I required assistance in retrieving Over Kill. Baroness arrived in a Nightraven to assist. We were met at the Colombia Airfield by HEAT Vipers, who were issued EMP Grenades. Awaiting orders to transfer Over Kill. Shadow Rattler is undergoing repairs and rework.

End Report



Mar 01 - Return & Support

To: Cobra Command Staff
From: Nightgaunt
Subj: Return to Duty

I have returned from my temporary leave. I am fully prepared to lend support in tracking the latest renegade Over Kill. Unless otherwise ordered, I will have the Shadow Rattler on standby equipped with the Magna-Pulse system.

<End Report>


the inadvertant destruction of their homeworld, Quintessa. Their Warships laid waste to the city of Los Angeles, dropping legions of Sharkticons throughout the city. Despite the efforts of Autobots, Decepticons, and Cobra, their flagship, the Bellum, descended and took up residence in the city ruins.


Nightgaunt was created and played by Dean.

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