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Cobra Ninja Forces

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Fluid Intelligence

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Covert Operations/Accounting





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There is no place you can hide where we can't find you, no fortress that can keep us from getting to you, no armor to protect you once we are there.

The Night Creeper forces are a super-secret group of hich-tech ninjas who have had a long-standing contract with Cobra to hndle hig-risk field intelligence operations and covert infiltration. They are extremely crafty, well motivated and have abnormally high pain tolerance, which makes them hard to predict, hard to stop, and hard to knock down and keep down. If you took a totally ruthless person, trained him fo ten years in five forms of martial arts and then equippes him with all the most advanced electronic stealth and passive sensor technology you may have an approximation of an ordinary high-tech ninja. Once you strip away all of his scruples, morals and innate feelins of common decency, than you have a Night Creeper. When they aren't participating in missions, the Night Creeper ninjas are accountants who are kept busy creating new tax shlters for Cobra.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

MUX History:

Night-Creeper Leader Aleph first contacted Cobra Commander atop the ruins of the Cobra Consulate building in New York City. He offered the services of the Night-Creepers to Cobra as spies and assassins. The group led by Aleph attacked Storm Shadow and Stalker at Storm Shadow's sanctuary in New York.

The Night-Creepers worked for Cobra over the next few years in operations including the Battle of Benzheen -- in which they fought the G.I. Joe team's ninjas -- and the search for Destro after Cobra put out a reward for his capture.

OOC Notes

Night Creepers are available on the MUX as Disposable Characters, with a much simpler application. They can also be apped directly as full character (format: Night-Creeper Taw), or upgraded from DCs to OCs.

Unlike Vipers, Night-Creepers distinguish themselves through Phoenician letters, not numbers. Their leader uses the first Phoenician letter, Aleph.



Notable Night Creepers

  • Aleph - current Night-Creeper Leader
  • Incision - an excommunicated Night-Creeper and former Aleph



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