Necropolis: Undead City-Former

Necropolis is the Deadite city. At its core is the cityformer known as Necroplex.

Necropolis - Towers

The upper towers are the nerve central of Necropolis, with a communications and sensor control facility in the eastern tower. The central structure provides control facilities for Necropolis's greater functions, including command center, security systems, and weapons control. A secured lift continues upward into the Spire. More importantly, however, is the large beacon in the center of the main tower that serves as an anchoring point to the Vortex, an interdimensional gateway that lets the Deadites and the Evil pass through into this world.


  • Dimensional Vortex

<D> Down into Necropolis - Central Chamber.

Necropolis - Central Chamber

The central chamber of Necropolis is a large, open cylinder that looks like a technological mockery of an unholy temple. Alcoves line the walls, stacked in tight rings...eerily reminiscent of morgue vaults. Vaulted doorways lead to the other important areas of Necropolis, while a central grav-lift leads up into the towers above.

Obvious exits:

  • <E> East leads to Necropolis - Landing Pad.
  • <W> West leads to Necropolis - Disposal.
  • <N> North leads to Necropolis - Reconstruction Bay.
  • Up leads to Necropolis - Towers.
  • <O> Out leads to Necropolis - Gateway.
  • <E> East into Necropolis - Landing Pad.

Necropolis - Landing Pad

The large hangar looks like the Deadites started by cobbling spare armor plates together, then built up gantries and catwalks beneath them. The facility is designed to house and maintain a large number of fighter-sized aircraft, with maybe room for a shuttle or two. The landing and launching surface, however, is a bit limited.


  • Cottonmouth Ka-52X #707

Obvious exits:

  • Up leads to Skies Above the Russian Block - Asia.
  • <In> Inside leads to Necropolis - Central Chamber.


A location from the 2005 Deadite TP