• Name: Nancy
  • Faction: Junkion
  • Species: Transformer
  • Function: Queen of the Internets
  • Division: Junkion Command
  • Sub-Group: Junkion
  • Type: Unknown

NANCY is a Junkion who is often the consort of the Junkion leader Wreck-Gar. She often works in concert with Number-One to lead the Junkions when Wreck-Gar is off-world. Like all Junkions, she can be blasted to pieces without taking any noticeable permanent damage, and is capable of repairing herself within seconds. When time permits, Nancy enjoys sitting with Wreck-Gar as the two watch television. However, if outsiders invade her home, she is more than willing to fight back alongside the other Junkions. In robot mode, she carries an armor axe and a decelerator laser that inhibits an enemy robot's flow of cerebral impulses. In motorcycle mode she can attain a speed of 160 mph for a distance of 100 miles. While pleasant enough to other Junkions, Nancy is very territorial. Sweet smile or no, unexpected visitors who don’t announce themselves properly may find themselves quickly at the business end of her axe.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

MUX History:

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Nancy is available for application.

Shattered Glass

In the Shattered Glass universe, NAN-SAW is a horror movie fanatic, and loves to try out things she sees with victims captured by the Junkions. She seldom kills her subjects right away, preferring to keep them alive for "fun and games" as long as possible. With her imagination and medical skill, that can be a long, painful while.

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