Do you know that there are more than fifteen quadrillion concurrent universes? It's true!

Bug Bite, "Games of Deception"

In Transformers, the Multiverse is the overall collection of universes and timelines. The Multiverse consists of a very large number of universes, millions of which have been cataloged as universal streams.


The Transformers cartoon

Traveler's tip: If you survive passage through a black hole you may end up in a negative universe. To get back, try traveling back through the corresponding white hole. The Killing Jar

A portal room exits down Cybertron's Planetary Corridor CB-311-B4 which was used by the Quintessons when they ruled the planet to exile prisoners to alternate dimensions. The selectable dimensions include: an ice world, a place with no physical substance, and Menonia. Madman's Paradise

Note: These examples from the Generation 1 cartoon predate the concept of the "Transformers multiverse" invented to tie together the various different story continuities. As such it is unclear how these alternate realities relate to the universal streams.


The (or a) world of the Transformers is just one of a multiverse of limitless possibilities. (Other possibilities include G.I. Joe, Jem, and a couple other guys you might know.)


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