How strong the steel, how quick the contest.

Nothing is safe from Mixmaster's seething cauldron. He will use any material necessary, whether unliving rock or living robot, in the making of some new material. He's been known to swallow up brand new limousines and reduce them to steel girders. And he performs his often grisly tasks with an evil, cackling glee that more befits a medieval witch than a Constructicon. The manner in which he creates new materials resembles an arcane ritual. Sometimes his fellow Decepticons wonder if perhaps Mixmaster hasn't a few microchips loose in his logic center, but they never question the results of his efforts.

While having the appearance of a standard concrete mixer, Mixmaster can, by using various acids and bonding agents, reduce and recombine virtually any substances put inside his drum and use them to form new substances. He is a chemistry lab on wheels. Atop the roof of his cab, he can mount a powerful infrared cannon which emits bursts of 8000° C heat for an effective range of .8 miles. In robot mode, he carries a laser pistol and a shoulder-mounted optical distortion projector, which, by bending light waves, disorients the vision of anyone caught in its field. When combined with his fellow Constructicons, he serves as the left leg module in the giant robot known as Devastator.


concrete mixer mode

Mixmaster's mixing drum can be rendered inoperative by the addition of certain chemicals, particularly alkalides.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

The Secret of Omega Supreme

According to Omega Supreme, Mixmaster and the Constructicons were nice guys on Cybertron several million years ago, and built Crystal City, of which Omega was guardian. This changed when Megatron attacked the Constructicons with his Robo-Smasher, effectively reprogramming them into Decepticons.

Heavy Metal War

In 1984, Mixmaster and the Constructicons were stationed on Earth, where Megatron claimed to have built them. (On the MUX, this refers to him rebuilding them in their current Earth forms.) One of their first missions was to sabotage the Autobot computer Teletraan I while the Autobots were distracted, and Mixmaster helped by mixing up an acid strong enough to melt through solid rock and the floor of Autobot headquarters. Ultimately they were driven back by the Dinobots and despite forming the mighty Devastator, they were knocked into a river of lava.

City of Steel

The Constructicons survived and continued to work with Megatron during his various schemes. During one such scheme, namely the reconstruction of New York City into "New Cybertron," Mixmaster repeated himself a lot ("Auto-auto-autobots!"). This never happened again, but everyone assumes it was his standard vocal quirk anyway.

The Autobot Run

Mixmaster and the Constructicons went on to build the Transfixatron and an Autobot-eating machine, but were eventually defeated by the former.

The Core

Next on the agenda was drilling a hole to Earth's core so that Megatron could drain its energy. During this project, the Constructicons got dominator discs snuck onto them, with Mixmaster and Long Haul getting theirs from Mirage and his gun. This allowed the Autobots to control Devastator and use him against the Decepticons, although this scheme eventually broke down.

The Master Builders

Some time afterwards, the Constructicons helped the Autobots Grapple and Hoist build a solar tower, only to trap them inside the structure and hand it over to Megatron as soon as it was done.

Desertion of the Dinobots

Mixmaster and company later took care of a space bridge shipment of Cybertonium from Cybertron.

The Secret of Omega Supreme

Following that, they went into space to mine minerals from an asteroid. Omega Supreme, miffed about the Constructicons going evil and wrecking Crystal City back in the day, attacked and nearly killed them. Luckily for Mixmaster, the giant Autobot had to leave to deal with some kind of alien that had lived inside the asteroid, and the Constructicons escaped termination.

Triple Takeover

When Blitzwing betrayed Megatron and took control of the Decepticons, he promised the Constructicons a joint leadership if they built him a giant maze. When they were done, Blitzwing abandoned his promise and told them to jump of a bridge, so the Constructicons formed Devastator and attacked him. Eventually, Megatron defeated all of them and took control again.


The Constructicons later built a ruby-powered laser cannon.

Starscream's Brigade

They were defeated by the newborn Bruticus.

MUX History:

Long Haul and Mixmaster

Long Haul and Mixmaster

In 2005, Bonecrusher and Mixmaster attacked a baseball stadium in Texas, only to be driven off by Windstorm and two Junkions.

In October of 2012, Mixmaster was called in investigate a "Mysterious Goo" encountered by Scourge and Starscream's forces in the field. After coming in contact with the goo itself, Mixmaster began to act strangely... which, because it's Mixmaster, went largely unnoticed.

Mixmaster returned to Polyhex to "recruit" more followers for the Dweller, only to be subdued and cured by Starscream. In return, Mixmaster promised the help of Devastator against the Dweller.

In 2017 he joined the rest of the Constructicons in Toraxxis to help build a new mega-refinery.

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Mixmaster is usually played by CalihexInmate. In October of 2012, he was temped by bzero. As of 2016, he was back in CalihexInmate's hands. Then, in 2017, he was @emitted by Bzero again. However, he remains available for application.


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