This article is about the Cobra mechanic - for the electrical component, see Integrated circuit.
Personal information
Real Name

Anne Kramer







Military information
Service branch

Cobra Ground Forces

Primary MOS

Battle Android Trooper Mechanic

Secondary MOS

Battle Android Trooper Design


3 - Mechanic



Organizational information




Machines are people too.

MicroChip is one of the few Cobras who actually understands the inner workings of the BATs and who sees them as more than just merely mindless machines. That is mainly due to the fact that she has been around machines for so long she knows that the logarithms and combinations of circuits and microchips can be as complex as the human mind. She believes that some of them are actually more intelligent than some people. Due to that fact, she also cares deeply about the BATs she works on and when one of them is blown apart, she will shut herself up in her lab until it is working again.


Microchip is a young woman in her mid-20s, with long brown hair. She has a fairly small frame but looks to take care of her body quite well. You can tell from the way she is dressed. She is wearing a pair of black jeans and a black t shirt that hugs her body tightly. She carries a black leather purse, slung over her right shoulder as well. She sees you looking at her and studies you through her small wire framed glasses.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Microchip once attended MIT at half the age of the typical student, but after other students sabotaging a project of hers, she got back at them so they learned not to mess with her. However, the process went overboard, causing property damage, and she got kicked out. After that nasty business, When she was approached by a Cobra recruiter jumped at the chance to join.

Microchip started out as a mere Cobra trooper, but her facility with machines was so keen that she was immediately snapped up for R&D and assigned to work under Brainstorm.

MUX History:

In 2007 Bludd assigned her to Ground Forces to work on the BATs both in lab and the field, and put her in charge of her own squad of Techno-Vipers to accomplish the tasks assigned to her.

OOC Notes

Also spelled MicroChip and Micro Chip.





Aug 26 - Return to Duty

Hello, this is MicroChip reporting. I have recently returned from my remote assignment and am back to my normal job, working on existing and considering ideas for new BATs.


Microchip is played by her creator.

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