Manganese Mountains - HM 1

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

The Manganese Mountains is a remote mountain range somewhere on Cybertron.


Main Universe

Temple of Knowledge

The Temple of Knowledge is located in the Manganese Mountains.

Shattered Glass

When the Autobots destroyed Tyrest University, the three remaining Predacons went into hiding in the Manganese Mountains and started honing their hunting skills. The mountains soon became known for being haunted by vicious killers.[1]


The Manganese Mountains were the secret location of Scrapper's experiments on granting sentience to the wild creatures of Cybertron -- the ultimate culmination of which was the Dinosaurer project.

Sky Lynx’s Nest

The nest of Optimus Prime’s former Lt. Commander, now in exile, is located in the Manganese Mountains. It’s made from bits of crap metal woven together, and contains the remains of various Decepticons and neutrals Sky Lynx has caught and mostly devoured.

Temple of Knowledge

The Temple of Knowledge is located in the Manganese Mountains. For a time it was a base for off-world Autobots and Shattered Glass Decepticons.


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