The list covers every known character in the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero series to have received his/her own action figure. The list only covers individuals and the year they debuted. It does not include every edition of the same character or the name changes that happened.

For first appearance references, (vol. 1) refers to the original comics series published by Marvel Comics, SM for the G.I. Joe: Special Missions spin-off, (vol. 2) for the (unthemely) comics series by Devil's Due Publishing, and FL for the Frontlines spin-off.

E-4 ranks have been bumped up to E-5, the minimum rank to become a member of a Delta Force.

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G.I. Joe

YearCode NameFunctionReal NameGradeDescription
1982 Breaker Communications Officer Alvin R. Kibbey E-5 KIA (vol. 1) #109 - Died while escaping in a stolen COBRA Rage tank.
1982 Clutch VAMP driver Lance J. Steinberg E-5
1982 Flash Laser Rifle Trooper Anthony S. Gambello E-5 KIA (vol. 2) #25 - Died in an explosion during the second COBRA Civil War.
1982 Grand Slam Laser Artillery Soldier James J. Barney E-5
1982 Grunt Infantry Trooper Robert W. Graves E-5
1982 Hawk G.I. Joe commander Clayton M. Abernathy O-6 Hawk was the original field commander who eventually took full command of G.I. Joe.
1982 Rock N' Roll Machine Gunner Craig S. McConnel E-5
1982 Scarlett Counter-intelligence Shana M. O'Hara E-5
1982 Short-Fuze Mortar Soldier Eric W. Friestadt E-5
1982 Snake-Eyes Commando (CLASSIFIED) E-5
1982 Stalker Ranger Lonzo R. Wilkinson E-5
1982 Steeler Tank Commander Ralph W. Pulaski O-1
1982 Zap Bazooka Soldier Rafael J. Melendez E-5
1983 Ace Skystriker Fighter pilot Brad J. Armbruster O-3 (Captain, USAF)
1983 Airborne Helicopter Assault Trooper Franklin E. Talltree E-5
1983 Cover Girl Wolverine Driver Courtney A. Krieger E-5
1983 Doc Medic Carl W. Greer O-3 KIA (vol. 1) #109 - Executed by a SAW Viper.
1983 Duke First Sergeant Conrad S. Hauser E-8
1983 Gung-Ho Marine Ettienne R. LaFitte E-7 (Gunnery Sergeant, USMC)
1983 Snow Job Arctic Trooper Harlan W. Moore E-6
1983 Torpedo SEAL Edward W. Leialoha CWO-4 (USN)
1983 Tripwire Mine Detector Tormod S. Skoog SP-4
1983 Wild Bill Helicopter Pilot William S. Hardy CW4
1984 Blowtorch Flamethrower Timothy P. Hanrahan E-5
1984 Cutter Hovercraft Pilot Skip A. Stone O-2 (Lieutenant JG, USCG)
1984 Deep Six S.H.A.R.C. Driver Malcolm R. Willoughby E-5 (Petty Officer 2nd Class, USN)
1984 Mutt and Junkyard Dog Handler (K-9) Stanley R. Perlmutter SP-4
1984 Recondo Jungle Trooper Daniel M. LeClaire E-5
1984 Ripcord HALO Jumper (High Altitude Low Opening) Wallace A. Weems E-5
1984 Roadblock Heavy Machine Gunner Marvin F. Hinton E-5
1984 Spirit Tracker Charlie Iron-Knife E-5
1984 Thunder Self-Propelled Gun Artilleryman Matthew Harris Breckinridge E-5 KIA (vol. 1) #109 - Executed by a SAW Viper.
1985 Airtight Hostile Environment Kurt Schnurr E-5
1985 Alpine Mountain Trooper Albert M. Pine E-5
1985 Barbecue Firefighter Gabriel A. Kelly E-5
1985 Bazooka Missile Specialist David L. Katzenbogen E-5
1985 Crankcase AWE Striker Driver Elwood G. Indiana E-5 KIA (vol. 1) #109 - Executed by a SAW Viper.
1985 Dusty Desert Trooper Ronald W. Tadur E-5
1985 Flint Warrant Officer Dashiell R. Faireborn CW3
1985 Footloose Infantry Trooper Andrew D. Meyers E-5
1985 Frostbite Snow Cat Driver Farley S. Seward E-5
1985 Heavy Metal Mauler MBT Tank Driver Sherman R. Guderian E-5 KIA (vol. 1) #109 - Executed by a SAW Viper.
1985 Keel-Haul Admiral/USS Flagg commander Everett P. Colby O-9 (Vice Admiral, USN)
1985 Lady Jaye Covert Operations Alison R. Hart-Burnett E-5 KIA (vol. 2) #42 - Stabbed by Red Shadows agent Dela Eden.
1985 Quick Kick Silent Weapons MacArthur S. Ito E-5 KIA (vol. 1) #109 - Died while escaping in a stolen COBRA Rage tank.
1985 Sgt. Slaughter Drill instructor Unknown/Classified top secret E-7 (Gunnery Sergeant, USMC) Inspired by Professional Wrestler Robert Remus AKA Sgt. Slaughter
1985 Shipwreck Sailor Hector X. Delgado E-7 (Chief Petty Officer, USN)
1985 Tollbooth Bridge Layer Driver Chuck X. (for nothing) Goren SP-5
1986 Beachhead Ranger Wayne R. Sneeden E-6
1986 Claymore Covert operations John Zullo O-3
1986 Cross Country HAVOC driver Robert M. Blais E-5
1986 Dial Tone Communications Jack S. Morelli E-5
1986 Fridge Physical training instructor William Perry E-5
1986 Iceberg Snow Trooper Clifton L. Nash E-5
1986 Leatherneck Marine Wendell A. Metzger E-7 (Gunnery Sergeant, USMC)
1986 Lifeline Rescue Trooper Edwin C. Steen E-5
1986 Lift-Ticket Tomahawk Pilot Victor W. Sikorski CW2
1986 Low-Light Night Spotter Cooper G. MacBride E-6
1986 Mainframe Computer Specialist Blaine L. Parker E-5 (Sergeant, USMC)
1986 Sci-Fi Laser Trooper Seymour P. Fine E-5
1986 Slip Stream Conquest X-30 Pilot Gregory B. Boyajian O-2 (1st Lieutenant, USAF)
1986 Wet Suit SEALS Brian M. Forrest E-5 (Petty Officer 2nd Class, USN)
1987 Avalanche Dominator snow tank driver Ian M. Costello E-5 KIA (vol. 1) #113 - Died while maneuvering through an oil field when it was bombed by Cobra Commander.
1987 Back-Stop Pulverizer Driver Robert A. Levin NA Only GI Joe without a rank/pay grade.
1987 Blaster Vindicator hovercraft pilot Brian R. Davis E-5 KIA (vol. 1) #113 - Died while maneuvering through an oil field when it was bombed by Cobra Commander.
1987 Blocker Eliminator driver David B. McCarthy E-5 KIA (vol. 1) #113 - Died while maneuvering through an oil field when it was bombed by Cobra Commander.
1987 Chuckles Undercover Philip M. Provost E-5 KIA (vol. 2) #25 - Killed by COIL general Overlord.
1987 Crazylegs Assault Trooper David O. Thomas E-5 KIA (vol. 1) #109 - Died while escaping in a stolen COBRA Rage tank.
1987 Dodger Marauder driver Richard Renwick E-7
1987 Fast Draw Mobile Missile Specialist Eliot Brown E-5
1987 Hardtop Crawler Driver Nicholas D. Klas E-5
1987 Jinx Ninja/Intelligence Kimi Arashikage E-5 Cousin of Storm Shadow.
1987 Knockdown Sky Sweeper driver Blaine M. Gonsalves E-5 KIA (vol. 1) #113 - Died while maneuvering through an oil field when it was bombed by Cobra Commander.
1987 Law and Order M.P. and K-9 Christopher M. Lavigne E-5
1987 Lt. Falcon Green Beret Vincent R. Falcone O-2
1987 Maverick Vector pilot Thomas P. Kiley O-3 (Captain, USAF) KIA (vol. 1) #113 - Died while maneuvering through an oil field when it was bombed by Cobra Commander.
1987 Mercer Renegade/Mercenary Felix P. Stratton E-5 (Equivalent)
1987 Outback Survivalist Stuart R. Selkirk E-5
1987 Payload Defiant Pilot Mark Morgan, Jr. O-6 (Colonel, USAF)
1987 Psyche-Out Deceptive Warfare Kenneth D. Rich O-2
1987 Red Dog Renegade David Taputapu E-5 (Equivalent)
1987 Rumbler R/C Crossfire Driver Earl-Bob Swilley E-5
1987 Sneak Peek Advanced Recon Owen King E-5 KIA (vol. 1) #113 - Shot and killed during the battle of Benzheen.
1987 Starduster Jetpack trooper Edward J. Skylar E-5
1987 Steam Roller Mobile Command Center Operator Averill B. Whitcomb E-5
1987 Taurus Renegade Varujan Ayvazyan E-5 (Equivalent)
1987 Tunnel Rat E.O.D. Nicky Lee E-5
1988 Armadillo G.I.Joe Rolling Thunder Driver Philo R. Makepeace E-7
1988 Sergeant Blizzard Arctic Attack Soldier Gregory M. Natale E-8/Master Sgt
1988 Budo Samurai Warrior Kyle A. Jesso E-5
1988 Charbroil Flamethrower Carl G. Shannon E-5
1988 Ghostrider G.I.Joe Phantom X-19 Stealth Fighter Jonas S. Jeffries O-4 (Major, USAF)
1988 Hardball Multi-Shot Grenadier Wilmer S. Duggleby E-5
1988 Hit & Run Light Infantryman Brent Scott E-5
1988 Lightfoot Explosives Expert Cory R. Owens E-5
1988 Muskrat Swamp Fighter Ross A. Williams E-5
1988 Repeater Steadi-Cam Machine Gunner Jeffrey R. Therien E-6
1988 Shockwave S.W.A.T. Specialist Jason A. Faria E-5
1988 Skidmark G.I. Joe Desert Fox 6WD Driver Cyril Colombani E-5 KIA (vol. 2) #25.
1988 Skystriker Tiger Rat pilot Alexander P. Russo O-5 (Lt. Colonel, USAF)
1988 Spearhead Pointman Peter R. Millman E-5
1988 Storm Shadow Ninja/Intelligence Thomas S. Arashikage E-8 This marks his first appearance as a member of the G.I. Joe team.
1988 Super Trooper Infantry Paul Latimer O-2
1988 Wildcard G.I.Joe Mean Dog Driver Eric U. Scott E-5
1988 Windmill Skystorm X-Wing Chopper Pilot Edward J. Roth O-3
1989 Backblast Anti-Aircraft Soldier Edward J. Menninger E-5
1989 Countdown Astronaut David D. Dubosky O-3 (Captain, USAF)
1989 Dee-Jay Comm-tech trooper Thomas R. Rossi III SP-4 KIA (vol. 1) #113 - Died while maneuvering through an oil field when it was bombed by Cobra Commander.
1989 Dogfight Mudfighter Pilot James R. King O-2 (1st Lieutenant, USAF)
1989 Downtown Mortar Man Thomas P. Riley E-5
1989 Hot Seat Raider Driver Michael A. Provost E-7
1989 Long Range Thunderclap Driver Karl W. Fritz E-7
1989 Recoil LRRP (Long Range Recon Patrol) Joseph Felton E-5
1989 Scoop Information Specialist Leonard Michaels E-5
1989 Windchill Arctic Blast Driver Jim Steel E-6
1990 Airwave Audible Frequency Specialist Cliff V. Mewett E-6
1990 Altitude Recon Scout John-Edward O. Jones E-9
1990 Ambush Concealment specialist Aaron McMahon E-3
1990 Bullhorn Intervention specialist Stephen A. Ferreria E-5 (Sergeant, USMC)
1990 Capt. Grid-Iron Hand-to-hand combat specialist Terrance Lydon O-3
1990 Cold Front Avalanche driver Charles Donahue E-7
1990 Drop Zone Weapons specialist Samuel C. Delisi E-8
1990 Freefall Paratrooper Philip W. Arndt E-5
1990 Major Storm General mobile headquarters commander Robert G. Swanson O-4
1990 Pathfinder Jungle assault specialist William V. Iannotti E-6
1990 Rampart Shoreline defender Dwayne A. Felix E-5 (Petty Officer 3rd Class, USN)
1990 Rapid-Fire Fast attack expert Robbie London O-3
1990 Salvo Anti-armor trooper David K. Hasle E-7
1990 Sergeant Skydive Sky Patrol leader Lynton N. Felix E-8/Master Sergeant
1990 Static Line Demolitions expert Wallace J. Badducci E-7
1990 Stretcher Medical specialist Thomas J. Larivee E-5
1990 Sub-Zero Winter operations specialist Mark Habershaw O-2
1990 Topside Navy assault trooper John Blanchet E-6 (Petty Officer 1st Class, USN)
1990 Updraft Retaliator pilot Matthew W. Smithers O-3
1991 Big Ben SAS fighter David J. Bennett Staff Sergeant (British Army)
1991 Clean Sweep Anti-toxin trooper Daniel W. Price E-5
1991 Cloudburst Glider trooper Chuck Ram E-5
1991 Heavy Duty Heavy ordnance trooper Lamont A. Morris E-5
1991 Major Altitude Battle Copter pilot Robert D. Owens CW2
1991 Ozone Ozone replenisher trooper David F. Kunitz E-5
1991 Red Star Oktober Guard officer Anatoly Fydorovich Krimov Captain (Equivalent)
1991 Skymate Glider trooper Daniel T. Toner Corporal (Australian Army)
1991 Tracker Navy SEAL Christopher R. Groen E-7 (Chief Petty Officer, USN)
1992 Barricade Bunker buster Philip M. Holsinger E-5
1992 Big Bear Oktober Guard Anti-Armor Specialist Grigor Ivanovich Rostoff Serzhant (Sergeant)
1992 Bullet-Proof Drug Elimination Force leader/Urban commander Earl S. Morris O-4
1992 Dojo Silent weapons ninja Michael P. Russo E-8
1992 General Flagg G.I. Joe General James Longstreet Flagg III O-7 This is actually the second General Flagg, and the son of the original leader of the G.I. Joe team.
1992 Nunchuk Nunchaku ninja Ralph Badducci E-5
1992 T'Jbang Ninja swordsman Sam LaQuale E-7
1993 Banzai Rising Sun ninja Robert J. Travaano E-5
1993 Sgt. Blast-Off Flame thrower Jeffery D. Thompson E-5
1993 Bushido Snow ninja Lloyd S. Goldfine E-5
1993 Colonel Courage Strategic commander Cliff V. Mewett O-6
1993 Long Arm First strike specialist Thomas P. Mangiaratti E-5
1993 MSgt. Mace Undercover operative Thomas S. Bowman E-8 (Master Sergeant, USMC)
1993 Sergeant Mirage Bio-artillery expert/Weapons expert Joseph R. Balkun E-6/Staff Sergeant
1993 Robo-Joe Jet-tech operations expert Greg D. Scott E-3 A scientist that was injured by Destro during a raid to steal plans for Bio Armor. To save his life, he was transplanted into armor and rebuilt as a cyborg.
1993 Snow Storm High-tech snow trooper Guillermo "Willie" Suarez E-6
1993 T'gin-Zu Pile Driver operator Joseph R. Rainone E-5
1994 Effects Explosives expert Aron Beck E-6
1994 G.I. Joe 1st Lt./Now 4 Star general Joseph B. Colton O-10 The original G.I. Joe.
1994 Capt. Gears Invention technician Joseph A. Morrone O-3
1994 Ice Cream Soldier Flamethrower commando Tom-Henry Ragan E-5
1994 Space Shot Combat freighter pilot George A. Roberts E-5 (Senior Airman, USAF)
1998 Col. Brekhov Oktober Guard commander Ivan Nikolevich Brekhov Colonel (Equivalent)
1998 Lt. Gorky Oktober Guard commando Mikhail P. Gorky Lieutenant (Equivalent)
1998 Thunderwing Tank Commander Spencer D. Crecelius O-1
1998 Volga (aka Daina) Oktober Guard weapons expert Daina L. Janack Lieutenant (Equivalent)
2000 Chameleon COBRA intelligence officer Classified NA She is the illegitimate half-sister of Baroness, and has taken on her identity as a spy for the G.I. Joe team.
2001 Big Brawler Jungle mission specialist Brian K. Mulholland E-8
2001 Crossfire Army machine gunner Bill White E-7
2001 Double Blast Army machine gunner Charles Griffith E-8
2001 Sure Fire Military police David S. Lane O-5
2001 Wet Down Navy SEAL Daniel R. Alexander CWO-5 (USN)
2002 Dart Pathfinder Jimmy Tall Elk E-6
2002 Sgt. Sideswipe Medical specialist Andrew Frankel E-5
2002 Sidetrack Ranger John Boyce E-7
2003 Agent Faces Infiltrator Michelino J. Paolino E-5
2003 Barrel Roll High altitude sniper Dwight E. Stall E-5
2003 Crosshair Infiltrator/sniper Don G. Fardie E-5
2003 Depth Charge Underwater demolitions Nick H. Langdon E-5 (Petty Officer 2nd Class, USN)
2003 Kamakura Ninja Sean Broca/Sean Collins E-5
2003 Sergeant Rampage Split Fire driver Walter A. McDaniel E-6
2003 Red Spot Laser trooper Michael P. Ritchie E-5
2003 Sgt. Hacker Information retrieval Jessie H. Jordon E-5
2003 Switch Gears Tank driver Jerome T. Jivoin E-5
2003 Wide Scope Special weapons and tactical Larry M. Kranseler E-5
2003 Wreckage Demolitions specialist Dillon L. Moreno E-5
2004 Dr. Link Talbot Combat Veterinarian Lincoln B. Talbot E-5 (Petty Officer 3rd Class, USN)
2004 General Flagg G.I. Joe General Lawrence J. Flagg O-1 Erroneously listed on his file card as James Longstreet Flagg III, who is in fact his son.
2004 Hard Drive Battlefield computer specialist Martin A. Pidel E-5
2004 Hi-Tech Operations Support Specialist David P. Lewinski E-5
2004 Sgt. Rollbar Humvee Driver Robert D. Dubé E-5
2004 Tracker Kwinn Mercenary Jesse Kwinn NA
2005 Bombstrike Forward Air Controller Alyssa Renee Stall E-5 Bombstrike is the sister of both G.I. Joe Barrel Roll and COBRA Blackout.
2005 Cannonball RHINO Driver John Warden E-5
2005 Dragonsky Oktober Guard Flamethrower Andrei Freisov Master Sergeant (Equivalent)
2005 Horrorshow Oktober Guard soldier Stepan Drukersky NA
2005 Long Range ROCC Driver Alejandro Garcia E-5
2005 Major Barrage Artillery commander David Vennemeyer O-4
2005 Med Alert Medic Kirk Bacus E-5
2005 Schrage Oktober Guard Soldier Classified NA
2005 Stormavik Oktober Guard Soldier Classified NA
2005 Tiger Claw Ninja apprentice Chad M. Johnson E-5
2006 G.I. Jane Physicist Jane Ann Martelle E-5 Originally maintained cover as a combat nurse.
2006 Sgt. Misha Zubenkov Oktober Guard Soldier Misha L. Zubenkov NA
2007 Alex "Sparks" Verdi Communications Expert Alessandro D. Verdi E-5
2007 Doc II Medical Doctor Carla P. Greer O-3 Niece of the original Doc
2008 Specialist Trakker Advanced Vehicle Specialist Matt Trakker NA Leader of the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand.