Kyle St James
  • Name: Kyle St James
  • Faction: IMORTAL
  • Species: Human
  • Function: ENGINEER
  • Division:
  • Sub-Group:
  • Type: TP-Only
For Queen and Country, no machine shall stand in our way!

Another member of England's noble families to join IMORTAL, KYLE ST JAMES did so out of a sense of honour and duty. A well-educated man, and a student of quantum physics, he was actually a candidate to join ITER, the international fusion research project. When he learned of IMORTAL's existence, he felt it his duty to Queen and Country to join them. His homeland had blessed him with so much privilege, it was time he returned the favour. His education helped IMORTAL to develop their Darkspace reactors, and in exchange they trained him to operate their advanced electronics vehicles. He fights with a ferocious sense of duty and obligation, not relenting until his mission is complete.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

MUX History:

Died at the end of the IMORTAL TP.

OOC Notes





A TP character, Kyle was played by BZero until Kyle's death.

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