Kremzeek is a sneaky bastard. And he's had more toys than Brawn.


Kremzeek! Kremzeek!


Canon cartoon continuity

Kremzeek was accidentally created by Megatron and Starscream whilst experimenting in the lab of the Decepticons' crashed starship-base.

Kremzeek immediately began making the electrical equipment aboard the ship malfunction, giving Megatron the idea to use him as a weapon against the Autobots. Kremzeek succeeded in damaging most of the Autobots (leaving only Inferno, Optimus Prime, Omega Supreme, Blaster and Bumblebee functional) before entering Teletraan I and traveling to Japan. The remaining Autobots followed in Omega Supreme, after being made invulnerable to Kremzeek's effects by Sparkplug's (patent pending) Magical Insulating Spray. Kremzeek was on the rampage in Japan when Blaster managed to capture the creature in his chest compartment. Deciding to "fry him with my own juice," Blaster soon discovered that this wasn't a capital idea. Soon there were multitudes of the buggers.

Optimus finally came up with a plan (with the help of some dorkwad) and trapped all of the Kremzeeks inside a radio tower, but they merged into a giant monster Kremzeek better suited for menacing Tokyo. Optimus ordered the radio tower transmitter to be activated, sending the creature into Megatron's Weapon of the Week (tm), consuming all its energy whilst the Decepticons escaped. The energy dispersed, and Kremzeek was destroyed. Poor widdle Kremzeek.

After its demise, Bumblebee reflected that he kinda missed the little creep (famous last words). Suddenly, a solitary Kremzeek emerged from Blaster, and the hilarious pursuit antics restarted.

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