From the ashes of disgrace, I rise to regain the glory that is rightfully mine.

Older than a number of Decepticons, KNIGHTMARE (formerly known as Illarion) has served in the cause since the beginning, first as a simple grunt, but quickly working her way up to command a team of Seekers. Unfortunately, an 'incident' happened that caused her to get assigned to the most backwater outpost possible. Surprising her superiors, she turned the rather easygoing (for Decepticons) outpost of misfits into a well-trained and deadly team. Her natural leadership abilities, when coupled with her abilities as a security officer and her Seeker-like armaments (which include basic laser weaponry and a powerful null-ray) make her a deadly opponent in battle or when 'disciplining' a rowdy 'Con. While she is strict as her duties require, others quickly find out that she looks the other way when any of her Dominicons 'bend' the rules to do their assignments. With the other Dominicons, she merges to form Dominicus, as the upper torso and head.


MUX Pre-History:


Illarion numbered among those who were created before the Civil war broke out, as well as one of the first to line up to join Megatron's cause. She earned honor after honor as she fought her way up through the ranks. But one of her actions caused a great deal of embarrassment to one of the highest ranking Decepticons and ended up getting banished to the worse possible place he could think of that would embarrass her, in her mind at least. And for a time it did, but eventually her belief in the Decepticon cause reasserted itself and she started to rebuild again, finding a group of Femmes who were a bit.. odd-balls who became rather strong, deadly, and very efficient team. And eventually, though it took a great deal of time, earned her way back up the ranks and off of that long forgotten post, to rejoin the ranks fighting on the front lines of the war.

MUX History:

Former member of the Decepticons' Assault Infantry division, as well as XO of the Decepticon Earth forces, first under Valour, and later under Lord Megatron when he returned to Earth.

Plans to upgrade the Dominicons into a combiner team were postponed due to lack of resources.

When an otherworldly Sweep showed up outside Trypticon in 2012, Illarion went out to meet him, ascertaining it was a Shattered Glass Decepticon called Sunder, and suggested to Scourge that this Sunder might be an excellent source of intelligence on the world on the other side of the rift.

In 2013, all Earth-assigned Seekers were brought to Cybertron to help defend Polyhex. In the wake of the Quintesson invasion and the return of Shockwave, Megatron restored Cyclonus as Intel Commander and arrested Starscream in his place, naming Illarion the new Decepticon Air Commander. Megatron also restored Shockwave to AI leader, Military Operations Commander, and Guardian of Cybertron.

However, in August of 2014 Megatron contracted the Arkeville virus and subsequently disappeared, leaving Illarion in charge of the Decepticons.

When Megatron returned, Illarion resumed her post as Air Commander, until she was severely injured during a fight with Grimlock. Starscream was renamed Air Commander during her recovery, and Megatron used the opportunity to rebuilt Illarion into Knightmare and the Dominicons into a new team of combiners.

Later, when Megatron was seemingly killed by "Galvatron," Knightmare lost her idea of Megatron's immortality, and turned to her own agenda.

In 2015 Knightmare invaded Moscow, creating a trail of accidental destruction. Gorky tried to stop her, but ultimately was only able to help keep the populace out of her way. Later in 2015, Megatron seemingly returned from the dead with Starscream's assistance and resumed control of the Decepticons. Knightmare attacked Fujiyama Robotics. While Jetfire prevented her from obtaining the machinery she was after, Dr. Fujiyama gave her the blueprints to prevent any further destruction of his factory. After Megatron killed "Galvatron," Knightmare ventured to New Polyhex, and challenged Megatron, claiming that his "death" at "Galvatron"'s hands had disproven his immortal power. The two battled, and Knightmare was able to get the upper hand before Starscream intervened on Megatron's behalf. Enraged by Starscream's interference, Knightmare called the other Dominicons to her and formed Dominicus for the first time. Determined to reassert his power, Megatron transformed into pistol mode and blew the new combiner apart. Knightmare and the other Dominicons were captured and brought in for repairs, but Knightmare remained seething with rage at both Megatron and Starscream. After that, the Dominicons escaped and left the Decepticons for good.

In 2017, with the rebirth of Cybertron, Knightmare laid claim to the Energon Lake off of the Rust Sea.

OOC Notes

Knightmare is leader of the Dominicons, an OFC combiner team on TFU. She HATES being called a Seeker. Her theme song is 'Primo Victoria' by Sabaton.

Logs /Posts




Jul 11 - Evil Queen's return

<<The usual Decpticon spinning symbol thingie appears, with a brief flash of the Dominicon icon fades to show Illarion sitting at one of the consoles in the command center.. and a hapless Seeker sliding down one side of the screen>>

"I warned you to move... you choose not to, child." Her gaze returns to the screen, a vivid and new looking scar running down the side of her face that she has not bothered to repair yet, "I have returned from my inspection of the outpost on the outer edge of your domain, Lord Megatron... and as I have reported, there has been replacements as well as other slots that will need to be refilled in the near future.. but for now they are functioning at acceptable standards." There is a mild thud as the unconscious Seeker lands on the floor finally, drawing her attention briefly before she looks back, "I have received your orders and await a briefing from Scrapper to fulfill your will, Sire. I will recall my Dominicons and proceed as soon as it is within my power to do so."

<<She stands up and starts to walk away.. pausing to reach back to tap off the recorder.. but not before a painful grunt is registered from the downed Seeker as she simply stands on him as she departs... and the Con the Dom symbol spinny thingie shows up again>>


Knightmare was sometimes temped by the Director or Co-director, but as of 2014 is back in the hands of her original player, Jpgollo.

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