In many ways, Kamakura is like other Ninja-Vipers, but in other ways, he is their opposite too. Like a true ninja, Kamakura likes to blend in the background, unseen and undetected until the moment to strike arrives. He prefers to perform every action in quick, quiet and efficient manner. This same trait, though, is what also sets him apart from his mentor. He tends to be impatient and very excited by events. And while Kamakura has many levels to go before he can reach Storm Shadow's status, the master knows that every steel can be turned into a finely tuned sword.


MUX History:

Shattered Glass Kamakura's father never left Cobra, and Kamakura became a Ninja-Viper.

OOC Notes



SG Kamakura is a TP Character played by CalihexInmate.

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