This article is about the Autobot Micro Transformer - for the G.I. Joe cold weather specialist, see Sergeant Iceberg.
  • Name: Iceberg
  • Faction: Autobot
  • Species: Transformer
  • Function: Adventure!
  • Division: Infantry
  • Sub-Group: Micro Transformers
  • Type: FC
No obstacle is too great!

Iceberg isn't just physically suited for cold-weather and Arctic missions. He loves the cold. Be it trekking through a blizzard in Siberia or simply enjoying a drive through a human settlement at Christmastime (he's developed a fondness for the Most Wonderful Time of the Year), Iceberg is always ready, willing and able to get out there.

In fact, his teammates might say he's a little too eager. More than once, he's managed to his entire Team assigned to some frigid mission, where he has a clear advantage his teammates don't share. Iceberg isn't above chicanery to get his way...even if his warm-weather-loving teammates ends up complaining the whole time.


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