This article is about the heroic Decepticon Terrorcon - for his evil counterpart, see Hun-Grrr.
Hun-Grrr is a heroic Decepticon Terrorcon from the "Shattered Glass" universe.

Hun-Grrr likes to think of himself as being a gentlebot and Renaissance mech. To that end, he likes to research and read in-depth about the planets that the current Autobot-Decepticon war takes him to, especially regards the beautiful vistas the world in question possessed before the fighting destroyed them. His altmode—a Algean Two-Headed Razor Beast—was even taken from one such planet where the beasts are regarded with nobility by the populace.

He combines with the other Terrorcons to form Abominus.


Shattered Glass

Hun-Grrr was sent out by Reflector as part of Abominus to confront Computron, who had been chasing Aquarius, Breakaway, Landquake, and alt Topspin on their way to the Decepticons' base.


OOC Notes



Shattered Glass Hun-Grrr is a TP Character, and is open for temping if anyone wants him.


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