This page is for the strong, silent G.I. Joe. For his chatterbox Shattered Glass universe counterpart, see Hardtop (SG).

"A nod and a handshake says I'll take that job."

HARDTOP is the strong, silent type. He does his job and does it well, without need to extraneous comment or conversation. A lifelong heavy equipment operator, Hardtop is qualified to pilot most G.I. Joe heavy vehicles, but his specialty is the Defiant crawler.

Filecard information

File Name: Klas, Nicholas D.
Grade: E-5
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
Primary Specialty: Heavy Equipment Operator
Secondary Specialty: Electronics


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Hardtop was born in Chicago, where he later became a heavy equipment operator. After he joined the Army, Hardtop also studied electronics and later worked with the G.I. Joe team driving the immense crawler vehicle that served as the mobile launch base for the Joe team's space shuttle Defiant. Hardtop worked closely with the shuttle's commander, Payload, who learned that Hardtop was a perfect example of the strong silent type. He focused primarily on doing his job and wasn't a talkative person. Hardtop and Payload began working with the Joes as their headquarters in Utah was being constructed. The Defiant's first mission came shortly after that.

Over the next several years, Hardtop worked with the Joe team on and off, helping in launching various shuttle missions. He last worked for the team shortly before they were shut down in 1994, sending the Joes' Star Brigade on their first joint mission with former members of the Oktober Guard.

MUX History:

Currently acts as a liasion with the National Space Agency.

OOC Notes



Hardtop is available for application



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Shattered Glass

In the Shattered Glass universe, Hardtop is an incessant talker, driving Payload and the other Joes up the wall with his non-stop chatter. Only his singular master of the massive Compliant Crawler has kept the other Joes from using a bullet to shut him up permanently.

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