"If you can't take the heat - then that's really too bad."

GROUND ZERO is a technical genius specializing in nuclear physics and weapon engineering. While his name alone inspires fear, he can be a little reluctant when it comes to battle. He would much rather design weapons for his fellow Decepticons than jump into the fray himself. When he must fight, however, he is more than equipped with an array of weapons and defenses of his own design. He is protected by microfused adamantine armor that can diminish even the most powerful assaults. A fusion pistol serves as his main weapon, though he is supported by an array of rockets, and a powerful mace-like pummel. Rumor has it that he has a devastating microfusion attack that he has kept secret from even his superiors. His alt mode is a mobile weapons lab, where he gets most of his engineering done with the assistance of drones he calls 'Zeros'. This mode has the capability of supersonic flight at speeds up to 2800 MPH thanks to experimental hydrogen fusion propulsion. His weaponry in this mode includes deadly microfusion missiles that he can fire at long range, and his defenses are an assortment of dorsal and ventral turrets mounted on his streamlined microfused adamantine hull. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


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MUX History:

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Ground Zero was played by his creator.

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