The Future Fortress is a G.I. Joe vehicle.
Future Fortress
Machine information
Machine type

Mobile Fortress

Military information
Service branch

US Army

Organizational information

The Future Fortress is one of the world's most indestrucable strongholds. Its laser cannons and combat-ready missiles are capable of repelling a full-scale Cobra attack, and then returning fire to decimate the attack force. In many ways, The Future Fortress was G.I. Joe's ultimate mobile sanctuary.


The Future Fortress was first deployed by U.S. forces in late 1987 as part of Battle Force 2000. The six Battle Force 2000 vehicles could combine and form the Future Fortress. The US military ceased production of the Future Fortress in 1988. It was largely replaced after the General Mobile Headquarters was introduced in 1990, and most members of Battle Force 2000 were killed in 1991.


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